Why Online Multiplayer Gaming Totally Rules

When you’re an online gamer, you just know how great it is. But maybe you’re new to it all and still trying to figure it out. Well, this one’s for you. Going online for your favorite multiplayer games is hugely fun, always entertaining (sometimes frustrating, sure), but overall a rewarding experience. So what makes it so great then? What can you get from it that you don’t have in a solo campaign mode? Let’s find out.

Get better by facing stronger competition

It might be easy to think that you’re an elite gamer by completing Halo’s story mode in ‘Legendary’ difficulty, but how about you play a few rounds online against other gamers? It’s a stark wake-up call to think that although you can dispatch Grunts and Hunters effortlessly in the campaign, you actually pale in comparison to your fellow human players.

This is not all bad however, as playing online gives you a true test of your might, and will toughen you up quicker than you can say “OMG, not another headshot!” Halo is simply one of many games with a great online multiplayer section, as Call of Duty, League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Rocket League, Battlefield, Dota 2, and CS:GO are all fantastic in their own right. You’ll pick up a lot of hints and tips for your gameplay far quicker than in a solo campaign, that’s for sure.

To add to that, you’ll undoubtedly be incredibly happy that there are other people who can witness incredible gaming moments. It’s so deflating to pull off a mind-bendingly cool move that no one sees!

Form an online crew

Competitive multiplayer gaming is tough, no doubt about it, but that doesn’t mean that every hour spent online is a struggle to stay alive and simply win one round. Co-op is immensely enjoyable too, and has the added bonus of allowing players to work together with one person or more to achieve goals. Or in the case of Minecraft and GTA V, for example, you can simply just roam around and have fun online without any mission.

Some Minecrafters even prefer the exclusivity of having their very own server. That means that only you and those you trust can rule and build blocky worlds together. You’ll require the use of a powerful server with a dedicated tariff, something like one of these options for instance, and then go about inviting your most dependable allies together for epic Minecraft nights. Heck, even Ragezoneset up a server a few years ago, so if we can, anyone could!

Opportunity to earn money

The idea that you could be paid to play video games has been a fantasy long held by many players out there. Sure, there are video game tester or reviewer jobs, but to simply play a game without having to do extra work? Thankfully that exists in the form of eSports tournaments. Take a look hereif you want to see the huge sums of money that players have been earning for competing in these tournaments.

Other than these eSports leagues, both Twitch and YouTube Gaminghave allowed talented gamers to stream themselves playing popular titles, and thereby cash in from advertisers, sponsors, and of course the patrons who love watching these videos.

So, there you have it. Many great reasons to get involved in online multiplayer gaming. Just be prepared to give it your all.