Dirty Bomb FPS

Dirty Bomb was released on June 1st, 2015. It is a free to play first person shooter along the same game style as Counter Strike 1.5. After a slight identity crisis it was renamed Extraction before being changed back to Dirty Bomb. The game is set in London after a terror attack. This features a point system that allows you to unlock other heroes, and you can get different variants of each hero. You can play as nineteen distinct Mercenaries; this number is increasing all the time.

The game play is fast-paced, with one side attacking, and having to complete various objectives to win the game. These can be as simple as an escort mission where you repair and escort a vehicle to finding key points on a structure and planting C4. It is vital that you pick the right merc for the right job. Each version of the merc type has a different layout and there are nine different layouts to collect. Some of the mercs are buyable with in-game currency, while others can be unlocked by buying them as an add-on. Each merc has its own speed, health and combat abilities, and has access to certain main weapons from the twenty-two currently available.

The maps are not overly large which helps keep the action going at a good rate. There are currently four game modes. Two are almost the same Stopwatch and Competitive. In Stopwatch and Objective you can have up to sixteen players making it eight vs eight unlike Competitive where you can only have ten for five vs five. In Execution you can have up to fourteen players making it seven vs seven.

In Objective mode, as the name suggests, you have to complete objectives to win, if your team fails to complete them all in time the defending team wins. In Stopwatch mode, one team defends while the other attacks, then it switches. The team that completes the objectives faster wins. In Execution mode, you do not respawn, so you can win by either planting the C-4 and it not being defused in time or wiping out the enemy. Your team loses if the C-4 is defused.

While buying the mercs does give you a slight advantage against other new players, skill plays more of a role in this game. Events also give you the chance to win the better golden card mercs. It is well worth the time downloading this game and playing for free.