Bloodwars – Polish Text Based MMORPG

Blood Wars is a Polish MMORPG first released on January 8th, 2006. An English realm, which is an Underworld server (R1), was created on January 3rd, 2007. This is a browser-based text game. Initially, the game was only meant to be active on a short-term basis of no longer than a year. The dev team decided to continue to make the game and have it grow into what it is now.

There are only two types of realms in English: Underworld and Necropolis. Other languages with their own servers include, Polish, French and Russian. Each has unique game play styles. Both types have clans that players can join to help each other. A clan has space for a maximum of fifty players.

On Necropolis you can trade directly, use clan items in combat as well as quests. The stats of expedition and King of the Hill monsters are different on this realm too. Items can be found as normal, good or perfect.

When you first create a character you can pick male or female of each of the races: Thoughtcatcher, Cultist, Beastmaster or Absorber. Later you get the chance to change class to a Cursed One. Each has its own Arcana, which is a skill type that can be used during quests, as well as all types of combat.

All races have the same start. You get to pick strength, agility, toughness, appearance, charisma, reputation, perception, intelligence and knowledge. The game does give you advice on what to start off with but leaves the final choice up to you. The stats are upgraded with a points system. You get x points of progress from doing attacks, expeditions, tasks and quests. These points are how you are ranked on the server. You require a set number of points to level up. As you spend the points on stats, or tattoos, your total earned is recorded along with your progress to the next level.

On Underworld you can get stones from quests, tasks gaining a set amount of points and expedition’s. These can be used for upgrading items, getting tattoos or bidding on the auctions. Tattoos are used to create classes, but can be changed. They have four tattoos per class, and each has five levels. Each level has different requirements to be fulfilled to activate the tattoos bonus. They are based on weapon type as well as the armour value of helm, armour and pants defence rating. This can be a minimum or a maximum value based on the class you pick. You can also buy disposable items for a 1 time boost to your stats for use in attacks, Expeditions and King of the Hill. 

There are different types of weapons which fall into the following types: two handed guns, one handed guns, ranged (light), ranged (heavy), one handed melee and two handed melee. You can also get helms, armours, pants, rings and amulet. There are different types of each as well, with gender specific items as well as neutral ones. On top of this each item type can have suffix and/or prefix abilities. These are type based. Guns do not get any at all and ranged can only get suffix. Each item has its own base stats which increases they level up. The current max level is perfect +5. The added abilities also have their own stats which add or take away from the base item.

Items can also have sets. Two rings and an amulet with matching prefix will give a bonus. This also applies to helm, armour and pants. The bonuses can be increased base stats, extra attacks per round or even stunning your opponent for the first round of combat. Some will also allow you to use Arcana of other races.

Quests can drop items for you, but each has a percentage chance to be successful. They are all based on each of the base stats. With three areas you can quest in: easy, normal and hard: Act 1, 90, 80, 80, Act 2, 80, 70, 65, Act 3, 80, 70, 65. The chance of getting better drops increases as you go up in difficulty as well as the Act you are in. Chance of success is based on your luck + base stat. You have to complete one from each type of quest before you can unlock the next level of difficulty. This resets when you go up an Act. As the game goes on, you will find that the different acts require you to pass quests in a set order before you can progress, the catch is quests are random, so you might not get the one you want for a while. 

Combat is based on the weapon you use. Melee requires agility to hit, guns perception and ranged requires both. If you face someone that uses the same style as you, if you have a high enough score you can dodge them completely. Damage and number of attacks are based on the weapon, items, arcana and base stats which all play a key role. This is the same for PVP as well as PVE. 

No matter whom wins in the PVP combat, resources are given from the loser to the winner. The resources are Lgo, which is in game currency, blood and people. The winner also gains some experience in the form of Points of Progress. Beating a higher ranked player will give you more PoP than beating someone below you. You can also gain Evolution points and Honour if you are successful. These are used to upgrade different skills that everyone gains access to. Some events will increase experience gained, number of Evolution points or even attack or defence HP.

The game is split into zones five to one. Clans have zone limits, zones are limited. Zone one has one location. Zone two has twelve, zone three one hundred and forty-four. Zone five has a lot. You can have one zone two, twelve threes, and 50 zone four or five’s up to the 50 player limit of the clan.

Expeditions have a level requirement in order to join, and after the first one, White Tower you have to have a badge to unlock the others. Each location on the first map has up to three creature types you could face and there is a set number of each type. You start the expo using Honour and people, and a counter begins to count down. Once it reaches end of stage one, you cannot accept anyone else, and once stage two ends, the fight report is given to you. Each location also has a maximum levels total. Your clan then can apply. You use people and Honour points to accept help. If you host and get the killing blow you are given a badge for that creature. This badge gives you bonus vs that type, and unlocks a new area. Map one has 17 locations, giving a total of 17 badges. You face the same creature in three locations, and can skip some areas if you get a lucky kill.

Map two is slightly different. They have one boss, and up to two protectors. These are taken from the King of the Hill creature list. All areas are locked until you win on any of map one’s areas from the fifth location on. This victory will give you a one-time use portal, which opens the first eight areas on map two. The first eight badges unlock that location, and all of them are needed to unlock the ninth. If however you have the last badge on the first map, Order of the Heaven Warrior for slaying Chronos, the first eight are unlocked allowing you to try any of the areas once every two days. The rest of the creature badges from the ninth on unlock the next location. These can also drop runes which are used to unlock other skills in talismans. These are element based, each having a colour, red, green, blue and gold. These too can be upgraded.

All expeditions can drop the host stones and/or items.

The King of the Hill’s system works like an expedition with multiple opponents. These are unlocked by a clan building. Once unlocked anyone in the clan can start these if they are in the right Act. Each location has a number of levels. If you beat the previous level you move on to the next, keeping your HP total at the end of that level. If you manage to defeat all the levels on that location you are rewarded with an area-based upgrade, these can be equipped and upgraded. If it is not equipped then next time you beat that location it is replaced. You can have two of these per location, one on you and the other in reserve.

PVE currently is: King of the Hill, Expeditions both map one and two.

PVP currently includes: Attacks, arena, team arena and clan arena.

The game is expanding all the time, and while it has taken the developers a while to realise people want more content, they have been slowly adding it. This year a new item class called Epic, is being added. This game does not take a long time to play per day. It does have premium options, but is not a pay to win game.