League of Angels – Browser MMORPG

League of Angels is a browser MMORPG released in December 2013 by Youzu Interactive under various platforms, the main one is GTArcade. Initially you had a choice of being a warrior or a mage; the archer class option was added months later. Once you reach level forty-five you are given the option to pick a prestige style subclass for your character. Mages have Mystic or Sorcerer, Warriors Berserker or Paladin, and Archers Hunter or Ranger. Each subclass has pros and cons.

Each class has its own skills, and weapons but all the other equipment is the same for all builds. You can exchange weapon types too, so if you gain one from an event you can select what it becomes at the cost of some in-game gold. You can get some basic equipment shards from doing a daily event called Erebus, which is a mini game. Once you have enough of the shards you can craft the item. The daily event has different levels and difficulties; you have to beat the previous level’s boss to progress to the next level. You have two free tries per day but can buy more. Level 1 gives sword and helm shards, level 2 gives greaves and mail shards, and level 3 gives ring and boot shards. Each difficulty gives a different set: Triumph, Conquest, Ruin and Eternity in that order. Once you have enough shards you can craft the item, and equip it to your main or other heroes that you have recruited.

Another subgame is Gemology, this has two types basic and advanced. Basic is unlocked at level 26, the advanced is unlocked at level 45. This plays like Gem-X you have to get lines of 3+ matching colour gems, they can be horizontal and/or vertical. You get more points based on the number of these coloured gems you destroy. The points unlock other rewards that you can collect at any point during or after you are done with this mini game. Basic will reward you with random gems of the following types: HP, Magic Attack, Physical Attack, Magic Defence, Physical Defence, Agility or socket rods. While the advanced gives you Dodge, Block, Endurance, Critical Damage, Critical Hit and Hit. These can be put on your equipment. Later on you can upgrade these gems by using three of them and either you can gamble on the upgrade chance or use synth scrolls or gold to guarantee your upgrade chance. You can also merge HP gems with other basic gams to make fuse gems with the help of gem essences.

You can recruit new heroes to join you and fight on your side. The basic ones are easy to unlock, but the best ones require you to either win events or save up a lot of event-based items. It is also possible to buy in-game currency called Diamonds to help you get heroes, mounts, equipment, and resources. This is a complex and fun game but the drive to push players to spend does take away some of the fun. If you want to compete with the best you will need to invest a lot of time and money into this game. However, if you are like me and want to play the game for fun you can do so for free. You will be able to get all the items that the “Cashers” get but it will take a little longer.

The game has become slightly fairer to free players and does give out a lot more free diamonds. If you use these wisely, and learn how to use the events to your advantage, this can turn into a lot of diamonds. The game does lack support, and bugs are fixed very slowly. Sometimes the fixes just break more of the game. This said, it is a micro-transaction game. If you go into it with your eyes open, it can be enjoyable. Starting on a new server can be more fun than joining an old one, as you will have more chance to compete with your fellow noobs.

Daily events include: Gemology, Erebus, Quiz, Wyrm Race, Team Arena, Arena, Team Dungeon. You also get monthly events such as Toy Capsules, Lucky Tree, Beach Treasure, Craft Master. You also have daily tasks including fairies, angels, armaments, hero, mount training and upgrading. Longer events like Single Server Tycoon and Cross Server Tycoon, in which you collect various resources to get points. These points allow you to compete for prizes. There is a minimum score on each event that you need to achieve in order to get basic or advanced prizes. These are not all of the daily or monthly events. This game is huge.

League of Angels can be fun, but it can be frustrating. If you let it, it can take you for a week’s wages. If you do try this game, please keep that in mind.