Stick of Truth

The Stick of Truth was released on March 4th, 2014. You play as the new kid that has just moved into South Park. The creators of the TV show had a large input into the making of this game, giving it more of a feel of a movie more than just a game.  You are given the choice to pick your name and class; no matter what name you pick Cartman has his own name for you.  Classes that you can select are: Thief, Fighter, Mage or Jew. Each has its own special powers for combat.

 As you should expect from a South Park game, it is crude and rude. This can be from adult themed weapons to just plan gross “grenades” and spells. It is even censored in some countries. Snacks and drinks replace health, mana and speed potions. Being new to the town, you encounter various characters from the show, and get dragged into a war between Humans and Elves.  Cartman leads the humans, Kyle leads the elves.

 Life as the new kid sucks, but you try your best to make friends and slowly get accepted by the other kids. Combat is turn based. When it’s your turn you get to select skills or attacks as well as buffs to use. Ranged or melee attacks can be selected and most are interactive, allowing you to either do great damage or none at all. Weapons and armour can be modified with various nasty things you find laying around from ginger hair to a lit match. Enemies have strengths and weaknesses while bosses have immunities.

 Fire, gross, frost, shock as well as bleeding can be added to your weapons, each having different effects on your targets. Each patch added also has a level requirement with the higher level items giving much better stats. Armours can also be modded giving better defence or offensive abilities. The more you look into upgrades the more complex you realise the game is. Despite it being a South Park game they took this RPG seriously.

 You can tip battle in your favour with environmental aspects such as electrocution, or using your ranged weapon on the target before attacking to give you a stunned bonus. Some enemies can be totally skipped, while others have to be faced at full strength. You also get to travel around the town with Butters, as well as other main characters including Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick. Each has their own class and skills.

 Your companions can be used outside of combat too to help you progress in the game, from luring an enemy to open a closed section to healing a fallen comrade. You also have the power of the fart. These can be used in combat, different variations to progress or access areas. This can be as simple as farting onto a candle to blow something up to open up a new area, to sending out a squeaker to distract guards. As the game continues you unlock more abilities.

 As you progress around the town you get to help other residents, such as Mr Slave. Once you finish his quest he will help you skip any normal combat once per day. They make a point of reminding you that helpers will not face bosses, they are simply too strong. The game itself is extremely funny if you love South Park and has a lot of classes jokes included within.

 This game is much deeper than expected and very fun to play and with Fractured But Whole coming out soon it is well worth revisiting South Park.