War for the Overworld a Dungeon Keeper like game.

War for the Overworld is a Dungeon Keeper style game, where you get to play as the evil dungeon master.  It is a quick paced strategy game, with various types of rooms as well as traps that can be built to aid in defence of your dungeon.  Missions can be as simple as building up an attacking force to destroy the rival’s dungeon heart to defending your own dungeon against waves of enemy attacks.

Each map generally has some open space to start with, and contains areas that can be “mined” out before your minions capture the area. This allows you to build rooms on the newly acquired squares.  There is also bedrock which you cannot mine/destroy. This gives a maximum area that is playable per map.  The buildable rooms have a minimum area available that you will need to be able to construct them. Each also has an optimal size. Almost all rooms have there own design with a unique creature type.

As the game moves on in its campaign you unlock more rooms as well as traps; some of these have to be researched by cultists. These of course have their own room as well as requirements to keep them happy. This can include beds so they can sleep or an area to eat.  Keeping your minions happy is very important, but not as important as paying them.

Once you have your cultists, they will uncover “sins” which can be used to unlock the traps, and other upgrades.  Once you have them, it’s a simple case of placing down a blueprint and your workers will make the required feature.  Cultists can also research and unlock artefacts you find. These are mostly optional, but do help you significantly if you take the time to get them.

As the big bad, you have a few spells to help you smite attacking heroes. Personally I like the lightning one.  As your dungeon builds up you can place doors to slow enemies as well as bar your own minions from moving past a set point. You can also place down way-points that allow your minions to cross them but not claim squares beyond that point or even turn them back into friendly zones.

Traps can be paired to great effect. Some can even be hidden so that retreating troops get ambushed.  I enjoy placing blade traps along a narrow hallway with a cannon-like defence behind, followed by a door. Then repeat with a second set of traps. This allows grinding of the heroes to bits as they attack.

Development of this game has been slow, and up until recently the patches have not really delivered enough bug fixes to keep some players happy. Despite being a small developer they have pushed passed a lot of the bad press and have made the game stable and enjoyable.

This game should appeal to the Dungeon Keeper fans as well as fans of Dungeon and is really worth checking out now. With the recent addition of an endless wave mode, called Crucible as free DLC, replay value of this game has increased no end.