Gaming and Virtual Gambling: They’re Not That Different After All

Gambling and gaming: the difference between the two names is minuscule, just two letters. Still, these almost identical names cover two industries that are very different – at least apparently, because the gaming and gambling businesses have more in common than you might think at first sight.

First of all, let’s take a look at the cost of the games they offer.


Aside from a handful of independent projects, most products of the gaming industry cost money. On desktops, players need to purchase a license to be able to play a game. On mobile, many developers go with the “freemium” model, offering the game for free but charging for various in-game benefits or upgrades. Even the games with no in-app purchases show their users advertising, which is another way for the player to pay for the game.

In the case of the virtual gambling industry, the exchange of money is direct: the players don’t pay for playing per se but bet their funds on the outcome of a round. They have the option to do so, of course: the games at the Vegas Palms, for example, can all be played in “for fun” mode, with no real money involved. The cash these players win will also be virtual, much like in the case of a social casino.

What makes real money virtual casinos different, though, is that their players can actually win money while playing their games. Some of these wins can be quite consistent – the Vegas Palms itself has quite a few games with massive progressive jackpots to win. This, in turn, is a discussion for another time.


The gaming industry is clearly about entertainment. All the new games released, all the new stories told, all the different skills tested are meant to help players kill time in a more pleasurable manner. To this end, the gaming industry constantly renews its game offer.

The virtual gambling industry has basically the same goal: keep its players entertained. It has a different target audience, of course, with a different taste for entertainment. Some of its players are just occasionally exploring its offer, while for others, gambling online is a way of life. The virtual gambling industry is also constantly expanding its offer: developers release exciting new games at Vegas Palms online casino and others on a monthly basis.


There are differences and similarities between the gaming and virtual gambling industry from the player’s point of view, and the same goes for what happens behind the scenes. Both industries have their developers, publishers (for the gambling business, these are online casinos), their industry events, and their investors. All this in the name of the entertainment and the profit, two things none of them could survive without.