Dragons and Gods: Fantasy Themes in the World of Slot Machines

Slot machines are among the oldest, and most versatile casual games. Back when they were invented, they were little more than elaborate vending machines. During their “career” of over a century, they have evolved not only to become one of the most successful gambling games ever created, but also into a casual – often social – game played by millions of players all over the world. The versatility of the slot machines was high to begin with, the game being able to put on virtually any “robe”, but it was expanded further by the big leap the game made into the great online in the 1990s. Today, there is a video slot machine with virtually any theme you can imagine, including fantasy.

Below you’ll find a few things slot machine designers like to reach out to and create their own fantasy worlds.


Dragons are a vital part of all fantasy worlds, no matter if they are literary or game-related. No wonder the game designers behind the best online casinos like to feature them in many of their games. There is one notable game I would like to mention, part of the game library of the All Slots Online Casino: Dragon’s Myth.

Dragon’s Myth is a simplified quest of a dragon hunter out to capture four fearsome, fire-breathing beasts. During the game, players are taken into a world with flying reptilians with a fiery temper, where they need to capture all four species present on the game’s reels. The game is marvelously designed by Austrian firm Rabcat, known for its contribution to titles like Overwatch (weapon and prop design), Payday 2, the Forza series, and other games released by studios like Microsoft, Rockstar Games or Disney.

The All Slots has other dragon-themed games, but none of them as elaborate and beautiful as Dragon’s Myth.

Ancient gods

Reaching back to the myths of the past is a well-known habit of slot machine designers, but they usually stick to the ones of Egypt, a civilization perceived to be incredibly rich. The All Slots often dares to differ, though, exploring the gods of other cultures, not necessarily in association with gold and money. Thus, it has released several slot machines inspired by gods of Greek or even Norse origin.

Among them, you’ll find games like Thunderstruck and its sequel Thunderstruck II, built around Norse gods like Thor, Odin, and Loki or Titans of the Sun, a double release inspired by the characters of Hyperion and Theia, the two Greek deities who later gave birth to Olympian gods like Helios (the Sun), Selene (the Moon), and Eos (the Dawn).

Lucky charms and other myths

Developers don’t limit themselves to Europe when they seek inspiration for a new game. The world is filled with cultures, most of them with their own heroes, wizards, and symbols for luck and fortune. Many of these can be found at the All Slots: the leprechauns of Ireland live alongside Chinese dragons, King Arthur, mermaids, even the legendary City of Gold, El Dorado.