Successful games need to tick some boxes

The popularity of games (and specifically MMORPGs) can be predicted usually by focusing on several central elements – and whilst this is a very subjective point of view – here they are: RNG,  hoarding capability and immersion.

‘RNG’ is a gaming term  – an acronym for ‘random number generated’; it is a computational aleatory reward system – in other words, RNG in-game bonuses appear random and lack any pattern and therefore the RNG in-game loot system can see you win that desired expensive mighty sword or an otherwise relatively common item.  RNG is anecdotally referred to as the ‘Random Number Goddess’ and it is little wonder that it is also used in online slot games for example, which are essentially slot video games where  the RNG is central and provides for better graphics and more paylines as well as most importantly: advanced bonus games  and bigger cash payouts. If you are interested in amazing fun online slot games, head over to 888casino, the Best Casino Operator in 2015 by Gaming Intelligence.”

Another central element is the ‘hoarding capability’ of the game which allows for a great character progression and the most notable MMO which fits this characteristic is Black Desert Online (BDO). In BDO you can start up as a farmer and amass wealth and equipment which eventually helps you rise to take part in PVP  since areas are controlled by nodes and guilds wage war against each other for node ownership in Node Wars. Therefore – be it vast amounts of in-game wealth and power, XP or expensive in-game items and ‘bragging rights’ – this element specifically relates to the game’s ability to abundantly reward the player for… well playing! Much like online slot games, which offer real cash for playing fun slot video games – in this genre, a notable title is Under Construction which makes for a real exciting construction themed online slot game, which features an exciting thirty paylines, two progressive jackpots and wagers from as low as one penny.

The third and last element is immersion – and graphics and the graphic design play a major role in the popularity of a title and a most notable title is Planetside 2 where Sony’s ForgeLight engine provides for stunning graphic capabilities which undoubtedly captivate the player – and whilst on the topic of online slot games – Treasure Fair is an outstanding example of graphic design and gameplay.

Treasure Fair has the uniquely potent combination of a historic amusement park theme (with its charismatic wheel of fortune games, the fortune teller and flea circus, etc.) and the digital video slot machine gameplay which features a progressive jackpot, twenty-five paylines, free spins and notably, a Double Up option to double your winnings; the game also has an appealing graphic design/animation and captivating audio theme and sound effects – and this is exactly what makes for an exciting authentic feel of the themes involved that provides immersion.