Gambling and the MMORPG

There is no doubt that gambling, the thought of gambling, the anticipation and the excitement grabs many of us, and if you put that with an MMORPG where you can gamble on everything you can touch and see, well then, you are in for one hell of a game.  This article is for those relatively new to MMORPG games and offers an insight into gambling with the Bitcoin and how it works online.

A Brief Introduction to Dragon’s Tale

Dragon’s Tale is not a new game, but it is a survivor having been about for many years, and well known across the Bitcoin community.

The game plays essentially like any real-life, or online casinos where you play games and bet your Bitcoin on the outcome.  So if, for example, I were to play roulette the money I would use would be Bitcoin.

So What Exactly Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency, which is created and held electronically. Bitcoins are not printed like other currencies such as the dollar or the pound, people and some businesses produce them. The Bitcoin is known as cryptocurrency, with no single institution controlling the bitcoin network, which means that a large bank cannot control the money.

The Bitcoin was developed by someone or a group of someones called Satoshi Nakamoto. Bitcoin is based on mathematical proof and the whole idea of the electronic currency was to produce it independently of any central authority. That it is transferable electronically almost instantly, and that there are very low transaction fees attached to it.

Back to Dragon’s Tale

No matter if you are lucky enough to have some great wins or unlucky enough to suffer some losses, Dragon’s Tale is still fun to play, it’s jam-packed with all types of mini-games and each of these has it’s own set of rule.  If you are into finding out about how to play them there is a good wiki page with tutorials included.

Dragon’s tale supports most betting levels from how many coconuts are going to fall from a palm tree, betting only 1 ksat, or at the other extreme you can wager hundreds of bitcoins at a single time.  A really good point to make here is that because the game has been about for a few years there is a good store of bitcoins available so it you do strike it lucky and want to cash out there will be no problem at all.

Besides all of those mini-games to enjoy, Dragon’s Tale also is a RPG game. You begin the game at level 0 and need to complete a task in order for you to level up, unlock new parts of the game and make yourself new opportunities for getting Bitcoins throughout the game.

This gian MMO has you interacting with other players, sharing tips, making friends, or work together or against each other in multiplayer games for Bitcoins. There are some great winners parties where Bitcoins can be won without a wager as the host will have already paid a fee for a multiplayer payout game like shots, the drinking game that pays out to the last one standing!