Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Roundup: December

Any online PC gamer with a love of tactical warfare and first-person shooters will undoubtedly be a fan of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Often abbreviated to CSGO, the hugely popular title provides countless hours of joy (and likely frustration too) as players battle it out on the streets of the game’s many maps. Even though multiplayer shooters like Halo, Titanfall, and Overwatch are famous for the incredible action and imaginative firefights, gamers still regularly flock to CSGO for the combat practicality and real-world scenarios.

There has been a fair amount happening in the world of CSGO, so here are a few of the top stories.

Weather is coming…

Two modders have recently introduced new weather patterns into four different maps on CSGO (Cache, Dust2, Mirage and Overpass). Gamers can play amongst thunder and lightning, rain, sandstorms, and dense fog – all with their own individual side effects. Fog and sandstorms will both limit visibility, whilst rain will extinguish any fires. The rain is also said to muffle the sound of approaching footsteps and hinder anyone trying to target you with a sniper rifle.

No room for cheaters

With developer Valve having little time for anyone not playing CSGO fairly on the official servers, it should come as no surprise that a mass culling happens periodically; a whopping 11,000 players were recently banned in only 24 hours. Amongst those banished were the worst of the worst – the cheaters, hackers, and offensive folk no one wants to play with. It’s for this very reason that many players opt to create their own game server using this type of service, for example. By only playing with those whom you trust, it’s possible to avoid the cheaters, hackers, and overall antisocial gamers who can ruin the fun experience of CSGO.

An altruistic side

Similar to the Call of Duty championships, the CSGO eSports tournaments are huge, so huge in fact, that charity games can even be hosted. Two of the best female CSGO squads in the world – Team Secret and Counter Logic Gaming Red – fought at the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in California last month. The winning team would get to donate $10,000 to a gaming-related charity of their choice. A fun and friendly atmosphere surrounded the game, and even though it was competitive, nothing but good vibes and an entertaining exhibition match was displayed. In the end, Counter Logic Gaming Red were the victors and chose Online SOS to receive the prize money.

Self-help guide

Understanding the level of fame that CSGO is reaching amongst online gamers, PCGamesN put together an incredibly useful guide on tips and tricks for improving your play. The typical suggestion of constant practice is of course advised, but other tips like which weapons to use, hardware recommendations, and which pro gamers to watch are all part of this fantastic guide for beginners.