Gaming – Nostalgia and You – Do You Miss THAT Feeling?

Every so often whilst you’re at your workstation surfing the web researching for a job something will pop up that stops you dead in your tracks and makes you reminisce about certain occurrences that happened in your life. I as a young teen was an avid gamer whether it was online or offline each game offered something special and in return came that great feeling of satisfaction. Even before hitting puberty gaming was a passion and to this very day its one that holds true to my heart … even if I may not play as much as I would like. My first memories of games came in the form of an Amstrad 464 – it was grey – slow and most of all my first glimpse at the future.

I’m a child of the 80’s and with that came a lot of nostalgia that kids these days won’t understand especially in a world of smart phones , Facebook and this thing called Tumblr? Games such as Orbit Legends didn’t exist back then and the idea of a world in your hands was alien. Life was much simpler before your mortality became an issue and bills had to be paid. One of the most nostalgic feelings I get is when I’m casually checking my Facebook (As us older people do…) and up comes a game from your teens that hits you right in the chest and in this instance it’s Lineage Eternal , specifically… the new trailer.

Gone are the pixels, low resolution and apparent often confused quest but in place feels like the original game re-polished with more pixels (because every one counts) , higher resolution and quests that are TBD. Speaking about such games you could visit for the best online slots or you can test every free open game via steam. Nostalgia is a funny word and often can be misused but in this instance it’s very much appropriate. Early 90’s to 2016 you see a re-imaging of a game that you once played often and enjoyed. It’s 3am and your parents in bed but you sneak ever so quietly onto your computer and connect via your super slow dial-up internet (oh my god that noise!) and success – connected to the world-wide web! this was a daily occurrence up until I got caught and punished.

I’m now an older gentleman but in 20 or 30  years time will I get that nostalgic feeling for current generation of games that are on the market? Metal Gear Solid is another fantastic title but the sequels often feel short of the magic that was present in the original game. Sure, the game progressed as did the story , graphics and gameplay but that satisfactory feeling of completion is missing from my emotional vocabulary. Maybe it’s the games or maybe it is me? who knows but I will admit there are some highly addictive games that offer a fantastic gaming experience, I wonder how Skyrim will make me feel in 20 years time? Remind me in 20 years to update this article…

Happy gaming!