It’s Fine to Admit You Don’t Know What Webhosting Is


It seems like everybody is making a website these days. Whether it is a blog to let you shout your opinion out to the world, or a website to advertise your business, sites are easy to create, and in some cases can be built in less than half an hour. Underneath all of these websites though is webhosting and this is what many people don’t really understand.

The fact is though, if you don’t understand what webhosting actually is, that is okay. For the most part, you don’t really need to know what it is, but the more you do, the better. What we are going to look at is what webhosting actually does for you, and what you should consider if you decide to use it to create your own website.

Firstly, the name webhosting really gives away what it is. When you want to create a website you need to “host” it in its own place on the Internet where people can find it. This means that files will need to be stored there, databases, and any information your site needs to run. You’ll also need a domain name, but that is just a part of having a webhost. Chances are you can buy your domain through your webhosting and all the connections will be made for you.

When considering what webhost you are going to use, there will also be a few decisions you will have to make. One of them will be whether you will be using shared hosting. This is where you use a company that are hosting many websites for customers, and all of these websites share resources for that server the website is on. This can be the best option for smaller sites that aren’t resource heavy. If you are a big company though, or have lots of money, dedicated hosting is a possibility. This means that you have a server to yourself, but it is a lot more technologically demanding on you.

There will also be the choice of Unix vs Windows, but this is dependent on your needs. For a lot of sites, Unix is the best option and it performance is better. There are some software choices though that will lead to the needs for a Windows system. This is something you’ll need to know before choosing your webhosting service.

One thing that may not be obvious for people who are beginning to take steps into the webhosting world is performance. A website “uptime” can be very important, and reasonably you want the uptime of sites to be as close to 100% as possible. If this is not the case, and it appears that it is the webhost which is causing this problem, it may be an idea to choose a better provider.

Finally, be sure to pick a webhost that offers good customer support. Many times with webhosting you may find ourselves out of your depth and you will need to use customer support. If the response time is based on days rather than hours (though even sooner would be better) this may not be the service for you.

Webhosting can be easier than you would think, there’s plenty of online resources available too, from web hosting reviews to handy how to guides. Choose wisely and you’ll be running your own website in no time.

It pays to take your time and make the right choices for you when it comes to choosing a webhost. The days have gone where people opt for what seems to be the cheapest option, and more focus is now on standards such as customer support and importantly performance.