Is Virtual Casino Taking Over Online Casino? An Inside Look at Virtual Reality

While the gaming industry celebrates the success of online casinos, a spanner has been thrown in the works, and it’s either the industry uses the spanner to build its fortune, or it clogs its wheels. So far, the industry seems to be handling the spanner quite well, and predictions are that gaming giants will reinvent the online gaming world. So, what is the spanner? Virtual reality!

A Technology Whose Time Has come?

VR, as it is popularly known, was once a dying technology in the 1960s and 70s, but it has become the subject we debate over and over whenever we make predictions as to where the future of online is headed. The numbers are projected for us to see: by 2018 revenues in VR hardware and software components will jump to 5.2 billion US dollars from their low base of 90 million US dollars in 2014. And we expect to see users reach 171 million in the same year. While VR takes this upward dive, we should expect to see developments in consumer preferences on online casinos. Many gamers are already adjusting their preferences and some of the casinos on are changing their offerings to reflect a new and growing passion for virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Can Be A Game-Changer

The online casino industry wants a piece of the VR pie. Tech giants such as Facebook, Samsung, and Google have caught the handle.  The gaming industry knows that virtual reality can be a game-changer, and that could mean seeing ground-breaking MMORPG games such as WEZBEN convert to VR.

Over time, the casino industry has consistently invested in new technological software, all in a bid to retain player loyalty and acquire new customers. Therefore, it’s hard to see why the industry will not invest in virtual reality. For one thing, industries desiring to make profit must follow the market. We think VR casino is the next big thing.

It’s Already Happening

If you are still in doubt, SlotsMillions has shown what it means to combine VR and online casino. SlotsMilion is a “VR/3D online casino application” – the first one ever. To play casino style, a player would need to wear Oculus Rift googles and then be immersed within a virtual casino. The player walks around the casino surrounded by the engaging graphics and sounds in 3D. The focus, perhaps for SlotsMillion, was the immersive environment and 3D sound, and this means that future acquisition of technology in online casino will likely build on these. If these technologies are properly leveraged, the industry will see increasing numbers of the 171 million casino users moving to VR.

The Future of Online Casinos

Bsed on the SlotMillion model, how would a future VR casino work? First a player would have to wear VR glasses, there is a blackout, and then the screen comes on to reveal the player within a virtual casino. However, the virtual environment would be experienced by the player based on what each developer has programmed. You can’t get more. If it was Poker, the player would take a seat amongst other players. Just don’t sit next to Phil Helmuth! How about roulette in Vegas?

However, there are still one or two miles to be covered to move VR casino from this stage to the next big stage. First on the list is the price of Oculus Rift goggles, $350. Online multiplayer gaming action has equally got its eyes on VR. Therefore, making VR casino more popular than its online counterpart or other forms of online gaming applications such as MMO and MMORPG seems to be another area where the industry will have to work hard.

One thing is for sure, VR has gone through the initial growing pains of the pioneering phase, and is set to become mainstream.