Profession Mounts Every WoW Player Can Collect

The mount collection is the prized possession of most people in the World of Warcraft community. Most people want to get as many of the available mounts as they possibly can. The most common ways to get mounts are through boss drops and vendors. Some are even received through quest rewards. However, there is another way to get mounts that is often overlooked: from professions. Some mounts require you to be the professions in order to use it, while others can be bought and sold in the auction house and used by anyone. If you have to create and collect mounts through professions, here is a list of what is out there.
Have you seen anyone fly around World of Warcraft on a magic carpet? Those are mounts that can be crafted through the tailoring profession. There are four different carpets that you can create if you are a tailor. The only downside is you have to be a tailor in order to use it, so any toons that don’t have tailoring as a profession cannot utilize them. The original flying carpet is available at to use when you are level 60 and have a tailoring skill of 300. The Magnificent Flying Carpet and the Frosty Flying carpet are two other flying mounts that can be crafted with a tailoring skill of 425. The Creeping Carpet was introduced in patch 6.0.3 and is solely a ground mount.
There are two mounts that can be crafted through leatherworking. The first one was introduced in patch 6.0.3. This is the Dustmane Direwolf. You need a leatherworking skill of 700 in order to craft the wolf, but it can be ridden by any character on your account, as long as one of you characters has a leatherworking skill of at least 300. The wolf is a light golden color and follows the same model as the Garn Nighthowl and the Trained Snarler.

The Great Northern Elderhorn is another leatherworking mount that was added in the Legion expansion. To get this recipe, you need to complete the leatherworking quest Mounting Made Easy. You need a leatherworking skill of 800 to craft the elderhorn, but any character on your account can use it.
Bobby Kotick, Blizzard CEO, was talking about how much content would be added with the MoP release. Some of the coolest mount additions were for Jewelcrafting. There are five different mounts. They’re all panthers but made out of different stones. These include the Jade Panther, Jeweled Onyx Panther, Ruby Panther, Sapphire Panther, and Sunstone Panther. You can purchase the patterns for each mount from the Arboretum in the Jade Forest. Each mount is a ground and flying mount, and they can all be used by any character on your account. While you don’t need a jewelcrafting skill to use the mount, you have to have a jewelcrafting skill of at least 600 to craft them.
Engineering is a fun profession, but it’s also one of the most difficult ones to level. It takes a lot of time, effort, and dedication. Sometimes, it can take a lot of gold, too. While engineering isn’t for casual players, it’s one of the most rewarding professions you can learn. This is because you can make a ton of cool gadgets, including portable mailboxes and traveling repair bots. It also has the most (and coolest) mounts that you can craft.
The first engineering mount was added in patch 2.3. This is the classic Flying Machine. The shoddy looking helicopter can be created pretty easily with an engineering skill of 300. Unfortunately, you have to be an engineer to use it. The Turbo-Charged flying machine was added at the same time. This was the artisan riding version of the flying machine, back when artisan mounts went faster than the regular ones. It is a bit more costly to make, but it looks much safer than the original.
The Mekgineer’s Chopper (Mechano-Hog for Horde players) was the first two-person mount introduced into the game. It’s a motorcycle that you can drive around, and a sidecar pops up for a friend in your party when they click on it. This mount has been a huge money-maker in the game because it can be purchased and used by players who don’t have the engineering skill.
Patch 5.0.4 introduced the Geosynchronous World Spinner and the Depleted-Kyparium Rocket. These are both flying mounts that can be used by players without an engineering skill on their account. The World Spinner is a rusty, one-person version of the recruit-a-friend rocket. The Kyparium Rocket looks like some sort of missile, and it is very unique compared to other mounts the game has to offer.  The Sky Golem is the last engineering mount added to the game, which was introduced in patch 5.4. This is a giant shredder that has arms and legs. It can walk on land and fly. The mount uses the same model as the Mechanized Lumber Extractor used in Gorgand.
Blacksmithing and alchemy have mounts that can be crafted as well. With fishing and archeology, there are mounts that you can find while working on your profession. If you aren’t sure if you want to try every profession, you need to do it if you’re an avid mount collector.