Custom Made Leather Gaming Chairs – Are They Worth The Cash?


Gaming is an activity that is beloved by millions of people around the globe. Young and old, male and female, it unites us in the passion for challenge, community and being the best!

For many years it was the couch that stood as the “back-support” when gaming activity was involved. This was primarily due to the fact that gaming consoles were predominant platforms for playing your favorite video games.  


As PC hardware improved and Windows managed to snag a huge following, personal computers have overtaken the title for most desirable platform. With it came the change – we needed a good chair to sit when playing video games. Other games played on desktops could take advantage of the new trend – casino games for instance were predominantly PC-bound. If you are a passionate casino player you can get an unlimited bonus right now!

Lately it seems gaming chairs have become a trend that isn’t going away. High quality, leather bound and offering “supreme handling, comfort and options”, gaming chairs are an absolute must if you are to “going to become 1337“. Or are they?

In this short overview of the gaming chair market, we will look at the top 3 categories respectively and discern whether you really need a gaming chair. Let’s have a closer look.


Let’s start from the most basic factor for determining whether you will go with a gaming or regular office chair – price. Once you add leather to the combination, you are looking at a price that is well over the $200 mark. This is pricey even for an enthusiast but we can look at it from two angles.

The first states that when you buy a more expensive gaming chair, you invest in a piece of furniture that you won’t be replacing in years to come. This certainly holds true since most high-end gaming chairs are built with quality in mind.

The second however, is the simple fact that you can get a regular chair that has (basically) the same qualities is a “gaming chair” at a much lower budget. There’s also the branding that adds to the overall cost a gaming chair, something which you can avoid by getting a regular chair.



OK, hands down you get a better value for money if you get a gaming chair. Most of them are branded extensively and feature innovative technology that will help you in your everyday gaming habits.

This isn’t to say your regular chair won’t do that, but if you plan on gaming for long hours, a gaming chair still has better value. These chairs are typically made with gaming in mind, with angle of sitting / level of comfort for prolonged use is considered.


We already mentioned that gaming chairs offer great value due to their extensive options and it shows. When support is involved, gaming chairs have a multitude of customizable parts that will offer superior support for your back, neck and even legs.

Some very high quality leather gaming chairs even go beyond by adding track pads, massagers, pedal controls and more. If you are willing to invest in a driving rig for instance, you may consider some of those gaming chairs that support a “cockpit like” option.

The Verdict

If you are a passionate gamer who spends at least 8-10 hours per day sitting in a chair, then a gaming chair may be in order. Sure, they cost more and feel like a more expensive alternative, but spending some time with it will sure to turn your opinion around.

Gaming chairs are more robust in options, offer a better quality when compared to their “regular” counterparts, and can truly make a difference if you are into some competitive sport which requires both precision and comfort.