Is Pokémon GO the latest gaming fad?

Imagine if I told you in the year 2016 everybody will be playing Pokémon GO – you would look at me stupid, correct? Well that’s exactly is happening around the globe this very second. Millions of people are taking the latest gaming trend to heart even finding a dead body along the way. Recently released around the world Pokémon GO is bringing the youth together for their love of all things cute.

As a boy I remember the fun of using my Game Boy to capture a rare Pokémon and we never even had that many games either. Being limited to the Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver ours was much simpler and less fragment and we didn’t need to climb to the top of a mountain either. In a society that often finds it being stigmatised as a nation of internet addicts Pokémon has certainly opened the doors to a new kind of multiplayer experience.

Wifi is the norm but imagine having to use a short cable to battle or transfer, this is what happened for me as a child. I fondly remember selling MEW using a transfer glitch that would net me a £1 each time, I was the lunchtime king. This new gaming experience is one that I am unfamiliar with… it involves sunlight, exercise and this thing called adventure, real foreign things to me unlike Sky Bingo review.

I’ve yet to take the plunge and play the game. Where do I begin? Do I play on my own or do I recruit my wife and we take our daughter around the park and try to find some cute little fluffy things? Pikachu always had a special place in my heart. My main concern is battery train and I think that is the real problem with smart phones these days. Focused on pixels per inch and processing power the single most important factor of the device would be the battery, how else can you play “mobile” and roam around?

I would bet a sizeable amount of money there is an individual out there with two mobile phones playing Pokémon trying to harvest, capture and be an all around obsessive person, I think that’s enough for me to decide not to play.