3 Reasons why there aren’t many Bingo Games for Consoles

If you are a bingo fan that also enjoys playing on gaming consoles such as Xbox or PlayStation, you may have noticed that there are few if any bingo games made especially for the formats. It would be easier and more convenient if every game you are interested in was available on your games console of choice but the reality is that despite its popularity, bingo is one of the genres that is poorly represented on the console market.


Bingo’s History on Consoles

In the past it was possible to find a few bingo games made specifically for consoles, but this was before the rise of dedicated bingo websites and apps where people can play for real money. One such bingo option is Bingo Party for the Xbox but this game does not include an option to play for real money. As a result, while it may be great to play without spending any cash, as well as having a multi-player experience with your friends, console-based bingo does not offer the same excitement or satisfaction of internet or mobile-based bingo experiences which may explain their absence on consoles.

The Demographics of Console users and Bingo Players

A big reason why bingo games are few and far between on consoles, if not completely non-existent, is because of the general demographics of console gamers and the content targeted at them. While the success of mobile bingo shows this to be too broad a generalisation, it is perhaps the game developers and publishers who are showing a lack of interest in bringing bingo games to consoles.

The Rise of Online Bingo and Gambling

As mentioned above, one of the reasons why bingo games do not seem to have a demand on console is because they do not involve real money prizes, something which has driven the exponential growth of the industry on other platforms. While most console games can be easily ported to mobile formats and vice-versa. The same has not happened for bingo however which continues to see big growth on mobile, especially larger brands such as Mad About Bingo but none on consoles.

This success on mobile devices goes a long way in explaining why there aren’t many more bingo games for console, with the option to play for real money a major factor, the ease of access provided by internet connected mobile devices for gaming on the go, as well as the heavy promotions targeting potential customers using those platforms.
The three reasons above offer a good explanation as to why there may not be that many bingo games for consoles, although another explanation is that these types of games are best played on the mobile platforms and websites on which they continue to do so well.