Overview of the most common online casino games

Casino games have always been very popular, but for many, unless they were to visit an actual casino or be invited to play a few rounds of poker at a friend’s house, the chances of trying out a casino game were slim. Computers and the internet have changed things considerably, and now anyone over the age of 18 who owns a device and has internet access, can explore the world of online gambling – whether paid-for or free.

If you have found yourself wanting to try a game or two but have felt lacking in knowledge or not knowing where to start, the following overview of the most common online casino games will help you to get going.


When you walk in to a land based casino, the first thing you are likely to hear is the chiming of the slot machines with the occasional fanfare accompanying a jackpot being struck – all in all, excitement, elation and a sense of optimism radiating throughout the casino floor. While, without the cacophony of multiple banks of machines jingling away, online slots still retain much of the excitement – that is, if you prefer a game which doesn’t require too much thought and planning.

Video Poker

Online poker will definitely challenge you far more than slots. After placing a bet, you will be dealt 5 cards, of which you will decide which ones you would like to keep, and then request replacements for those which don’t work in your favour. This final hand will determine whether or not you’ve won. It is important to bear in mind that there are a variety of poker games available and that not all casinos abide by the same rules. One of the most popular poker varieties is Caribbean Poker as found on Indio Casino’s website, however there are many other types, so be sure to go through the rules before diving in.


With its origins in Europe, this game of skill will challenge you. With most other casino games you find yourself pitted against other players, however with Blackjack, you are playing against the dealer. The object of blackjack is to beat the dealer by drawing cards whose value adds up to 21, or as near to that amount as possible.


This is indeed a game of chance. While you can employ various strategies to improve your odds, luck has a lot to do with it. Winnings can be sizeable and the rush of adrenaline whilst waiting for the dice to settle can be quite exciting.



This fast moving casino game is one that you are bound to enjoy if you love a game which is complex yet fun. Craps can be quite a complicated game to play, and thus many don’t attempt it, but once you’ve mastered how and when to place bets, excitement ensues.


Simply put, you are required to draw as close as possible to 9 with a 2 card hand – or 3, if a draw is required. Once again a game which is more dependant of luck than skill, but fuels the excitement centre of the brain as you wait to see if you have a winning hand.

Always bear in mind that games and rules may differ from casino to casino, so the onus lies on you to do a little homework before placing diving in.