I crunched my cookies with Cookie Jam – Yum!

What do you get when you mix fun, wonderful colours and a highly addictive game? Cookie Jam! I found myself playing this game rather extensively as of late and mixed in with the funny accents, objective based challenges and a panda that has his arms wide open for a big hug who could resist such a game? The premise is simple – match the icons to the order and repeat but mix in a few cool surprises and what you have a recipe for a highly addictive game. Downloadable via the Amazon Appstore Cookie Jam lets you play without boundaries, heck… you can play with your friends via Facebook as well as playing by yourself.

With each passing level you progress further along into a delightfully tasty word of food whilst floating in your house via a hot air balloon I’ve come to decide that this is one of the more entertaining games on the Amazon Underground. For those persistent players of the game they are rewarded daily with a prize that will come in use during their progression and doubled without the requirement of any micro transactions this game is one that’ll stay on my phone for a long time.

Whilst the game is playable without any micro transactions, if you’re a bit impatient like me then you could always buy more coins, hearts and lives by using the Amazon Coins offer. With the Amazon Appstore, you can save up to 10% on apps, games and in-app items whilst also receiving up to 25% in Amazon Coins back from selected in-game purchases in selected games. Check back often to see which games are offering Coins Back when you want to play and save.

To save hassle and for those unfamiliar with how the Amazon Coins offer works then I’ll explain it a bit further but it’s fairly straight forward, you buy Amazon Coins and you save , for example;

  • I bought $100 worth of Amazon Coins (10,000) for only $82; so I saved $18.
  • Cookie Jam has a special offer in game that I wanted to take advantage of. By offering me a Chest of Coins (valued at $100) and because I used my Amazon Coins I saved that $18.
  • Sometimes I won’t spend all my Amazon Coins on a single game. So with their current Coins Back offer, where you can earn up to 30% Amazon Coins back on in-game purchases, I could split my Amazon Coins up between the other games’ in-app purchases; so I’m being smart with my spending, savings and still having fun.

Of course this is just how I manage my spending in total honesty, what’s more fun than a floating house through an island in the sky called Cakelandia? If that doesn’t entice you then I don’t know what will! This post is sponsored by Amazon.