It’s a Great Year for Gamers

The way we look at video games and the way we play them has changed and expanded in incredibly dramatic ways over the last couple of decades, with some companies opting now to use live streams or online events to announce their new games one thing has remained constant throughout and that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo or as we know it E3.

This year promises to be another great expo with Sony and Microsoft teasing us with reports of modified and enhanced consoles alongside the reports of new games, much like Apple are teasing us with all the rumours and speculations, leaked photos and schematics of their new iPhone 7, especially as the company has a big year in 2017 being their ten year anniversary.  Yes it’s a decade since Steve Jobs announced the first generation of iPhones that would, over the next few years, revolutionise how we communicate and enjoy mobile video games.  

Who would have thought we could enjoy video calls, pay for our shopping, save the world from alien attack, enjoy a game of online pokies (slots) and budget for a rainy day all from our mobile device, and at a touch of a fingertip, in HD and with superior audio quality?

2016 also brings gamers a brand new public event the E3 LIVE, which is taking place on the same dates as E3 and is located close to E3 in downtown Los Angeles.  With an estimated 20,000+ gamers arriving the place is going to be buzzing with people sampling new games.  There will also be the opportunity to purchase games and have their pics taken with the industries leaders. There is also going to be music and competitions and free video stuff is up for grabs.

This promises to be an amazing event bringing gamers to the next level, publicly test driving new games and interacting with some of their favourite developers.  Of course it is simple to see the advantage of this type of event for the industry too as E3 is not open to the general public. Facebook and Instagram will continue the conversation amongst E3 enthusiasts and the gaming industry.

Those gamers who are lucky enough to have a ticket to E3 LIVE will also be able to attend Pokemon: Symphonic Evolutions which is truly a must see video game concert, which will provide all those Pokemon fans a brilliant opportunity to experience the music of Pokemon live.

Alienware general manager Fran Azor was reported as saying ‘After 20 years of making kick-ass gaming tech, on thing we have learned is that it’s all about having fun’, and ‘This inaugural E3 LIVE event should be a blast and we’re excited to send our decked out Alienware truck with our latest and greatest gear to add to what is sure to be a fun event for us all!’

More information can be sourced from the website  A full list of entertainment and celebrities attending the event will be provided before it kicks off, but a small selection of those we know to be attending include: Facebook/Oculus, Alienware, Loot Crate, Frito-Lay, HTC Vive, Monster, Ubisoft, Twitch and Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment.