Double Down with Amazon Coins and Start Saving!

Experience the BIG WIN with the Amazon Appstore for Android and Double Down Casino. Often times you may find that you’re stuck in a rut and need an escape and thankfully with the Amazon Appstore for Android and the big savings of Amazon Coins you’ll never have to miss out on the fun again! If you are like me you’ll know the importance of saving money in today’s world and by using Amazon Coins you can save up to 10% on apps , games and in-app items whilst also receiving up to 25% in Amazon Coins back from selected in-game purchases. Let’s take a closer look at Double Down Casino available on Amazon Underground.

If you get your in-app purchase using  Amazon Coins through the Amazon Appstore, you can save even more money than you expected. You can buy 100,000,000 chips for $100 USD or 10,000 of Amazon Coins as 100 Amazon Coins = $1. You can purchase 10,000 Amazon Coins for $82 (with today’s current Amazon Coins savings: 18% off 10000 Amazon Coins Bundle). You end up saving $18 when you use Amazon Coins to buy your in-app items.  The savings work the same when you buy other chips as well.

Double Down Casino routinely has offers within the game and so it makes perfect sense to use Amazon Coins when buying. For those unfamiliar with Double Down it features many of the popular and famous casino games including Wheel of Fortune , Tournaments and even Ellen Degeneres. The Amazon Coins offer is not limited to just Double Down Casino but a whole host of games including GSN Casino, Double U Casino, Goldfish Casino and even Jackpot Party Casino. A brief explanation video can be found via our previous post here.

Earning Amazon Coins (Buy Some, Get Some)

In addition to being able to buy Amazon Coins at a discount, Amazon Appstore can earn up to 30% back in Amazon Coins when you buy in-game items in many top grossing games.. For example, if there is a 20% Amazon Coins back offer in a game and you buy an item for $19.99, you could receive $3.99 back in Amazon Coins. Wondering what games are currently giving Coins back on in-game purchases then click here. Each week new titles are being promoted and there are constant savings to be had.

This is a sponsored post by Amazon.