The Rise of Social Gaming in the Internet Age

Looking at the evolution of gaming you can’t help but be impressed. The most impressive side of things is the rise of multi-player social gaming and how it has taken hold. This has taken place because of a number of factors, one of the more important being the ease the player has in finding a game to meet their tastes.

While a lot of games have focused on the power of the PC or console to provide amazing experiences for the player, the real boom has come from social media and its integration into gaming. Whether this be access to games on Europa Play, or mobile games such as Candy Crush Saga, or even console gaming, sites like Facebook has tapped into this.

When you find a game, even on your mobile phone that you enjoy, chances are you’ll connect that to Facebook so that you can share it with your friends. When you first joined Facebook we’re sure your first thought was to connect with friends, not to start gaming. The truth is though a lot of casual games have grown through Facebook and a lot of the mobile games you play were first started on the social media site.

Another market that has helped with the rise of social gaming is also the casino games sites. Often these offer the ability to play against other real people, heightening the fun of the game and offering new experiences for the people looking to win big. At the front of innovations in online gaming they have often pushed the functionality available to players to new height.

Another aspect of social gaming is the ability to share what you are doing. On Facebook it may be a request for items to continue your game, but through Streaming services such as Twitch, players are also streaming their games to people all over the world. This is where growth in gaming is expected to be huge, and can be surprisingly profitable for players, and most importantly is a hugely sociable experience.

When looking into the future, social gaming is going to continue to be huge. We just have to look at the new generation of consoles to see that. Whether it is playing against your friends in the latest MMO, or loading up Call of Duty to blast away at your friends there are plenty of ways to connect with other people. The rise of social gaming on these consoles is becoming an integral part of the fun, and with more and more online games focusing on real people interacting with each other, the future is looking very good for social gaming.

While the rise in social gaming has been fast and may surprise some, there is still new heights that can be reached for the players. Whether it is a casual game on your phone or Facebook, a multiplayer game on your console, or something more involved that is still yet to make an impact on gamers, there is plenty of things coming in the future to keep Social Gaming very popular indeed.