Speculation and Rumours Increase

The speculation, hype and rumours are really ramping up about the forthcoming release from Apple, for it has now been reported that the iPhone might not be at all what the rumours are saying and besides that the release date might be totally different from what everyone is speculating it to be, and that’s in the Autumn, somewhere around September 16th.

The biggest thing affecting this new release is that next year (2017) is the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone, and we would expect that Apple would present something to celebrate this date, making 2017 the year of the all new design.

KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo reckons that next year’s design will be an all-glass phone with an OLED display, yet we have Nikkei saying that Apple appears to be planning an earlier launch window for this year’s release.

If there is a major redesign planned for 2017 then the iPhone 7 (for 2016) would be breaking Apples routine of providing us with a redesign every other generation, and this leaves us questioning the forthcoming refresh.

If there is to be an all glass iPhone in the pipeline the adoption of an AMOLED display will compensate for the slight weight increase, Apple has relied on LCD technology since the first launch.

Other speculations are that the iPhone 7 will probably feature a design similar to that of the iPhone 6S, and rumours seem to suggest that Apple is attempting to distance the larger of its handsets from the smaller version, with higher specifications and exclusive hardware. The thinking that there could be a dual camera coming only to the iPhone 7Plus are also gaining strength.

What we can say for certain is the Apple will launch a phone that will beautifully fit in with many peoples life-styles (whether it is this year or next) using software that offers the opportunity to personalise the handset to each individual needs through the amount of Apps that can be downloaded whether your thing is saving the world each day from imminent destruction or playing at your favourite uk bingo sites, to budgeting your personal finances or getting all of your travel details right to your fingertips, the iPhone is as versatile as you could possibly want.

Apple has always been an innovative company and even though some investors might be a little concerned about the glass casing failing a drop test, or being too heavy, there are advancements being made in toughened glass and Apple believes that a glass casing would not be problematic at all by 2017.