The Rise of Mobile Gaming and its Future

Gone are the days when the phone was just a device to talk to people on. Now we can take pictures on it, search the Internet, talk on Social Media, and most importantly play games. With game companies noticing that there is big money in mobile gaming, we are also seeing them get in on the action. Even Nintendo have finally made the move now with the release of Miitomo.

The Power of the Phone

The reason for this rise in mobile gaming has taken place for a number of reasons. One of these is the fact that the phones that are being made available to us are so powerful. Just looking at the latest iPhone or Samsung phones released every year shows how the processing power grows.

What this extra processing power provides is better graphics and more power to run the games and check more of online bingo. The better the games look and faster they can run, the more popular they become. The fact we are carrying mini-computers in our pockets gives an idea of how powerful these phones have now become.

Free-to-Play Gaming

Mobile gaming has seen a rise in the so-called “free-to-play” market. Whether it is Candy Crush Saga or even a slimmed down version of games such as Sim City, playing games on the move is always popular. What sometimes doesn’t prove as though is that free-to-play isn’t always so free.

Microtransactions are the way these “free” games are available at no initial cost. Created in a way as to entice the player to spend money in the game, it can sometimes be a costly experience. With these payments being optional though, the fact that games are so easily accessible is a major force in the growth of gaming on phones.

Versatility and Accessibility

While gaming may sometimes appear to be a male driven past time, this isn’t in fact true. In fact, it appears that over 50% of gamers are in fact women. This demographic has also been a force in the growth of mobile gaming, though that does not mean that this is the only place they play games of course.

The simple fact people play games on phones because it is just another way for them to get their gaming fix. The phones become more powerful and provide the ability to make more complicated games for an audience that is hungry to play games on the move. While mobile games may not take over the world, there will also be a place for them.