World of Warcraft and the lazy gamer

It is without question that when it comes to levelling you should earn your stripes and thus it should come as a surprise to find out that by pre-ordering the latest World of Warcraft – Legion expansion you’re automatically granted a boost to level 100! As a former player of the game whom feels the urge to return I find this news saddening.  I understand what they are doing and sure it’s enticing but it’s also some what offence to the dedicated community that has spent years upon years creating a relationship with their character for someone whom has no concept of the game to be automatically given a maxed out character. A perfect example of being creative whilst levelling would be Rudesim who has recently reached level 100 by using only his feet! Besides… are you wanting spies to come out of the woodwork again?

Whilst Blizzard is tackling cheaters it should also consider putting forward its current community before offering such insane pre-order bonuses. Sure, the expansion offers new and exciting content to the diminishing game but what’s really stopping me from just spending my time playing Irish luck slot instead? I recount my introduction to World of Warcraft fondly. I’m an experienced MMORPG player and was thrilled to find out a friend had spent countless hours as of late playing the game. To jump on his bandwagon with his world colleagues myself and my new-found group of friends assisted in showing me the ropes.

I remember the game fondly. Visually for its time the game was beautiful and full of vibrant colours. Plentiful of quests to satisfy even the most obsessive of nerds and battles worthy of a king – ah yes.. this game was fun to play. It is with memories and emotions such as this that engulfs me. I want to open the flood gates and let this game take over me but at the cost of selling my moral soul is it ultimately worth it? Heck, I cannot even remember my login credentials so having a level 100 character automatically is ideal for me but does that make me a hypocrite? Yes.

For you see, if it was up to me I wouldn’t offer such a perk to a customer. When your game is based on activity, progression and loyalty handing out a bonus as important as that really diminishes its value. Games as of late especially online role-playing games have been seen as play-to-win especially if its free to play. My moral compass is confused and I think at the end of the day I’ll simply turn a blind eye to what Blizzard is doing and move on with my life – but hey… is sure does sound tempting, doesn’t it 🙂