The Division – is it any good?

There is something about a real good MMO that just keeps you drawn in. Over the years many great titles have become synonymous with this genre including World of Warcraft, Dota and even Counter-Strike. When I say MMO I don’t mean MMORPG but an online interactive game, a game that requires your internet connection to play. The Division is the latest hyped up online game that has hit the scene but is it any good? It has elements of many genres including item collection, levelling and more but is that enough to satisfy an online gamer such as myself?

What struck me most about The Division is the colour. It’s a beautiful depressing game that will catch your eye and despite its post-apocalyptic nature the remanence of today still lingers within the game. So what is it you maybe asking? It’s a third person shooter game first but includes elements of RPG and survival. Set in New York City the game takes centre stage in the aftermath of a smallpox outbreak. You’re an agent of the titular Strategic Homeland Division and your goal is to rebuild the Division’s operations in Manhattan. The game has a main story, side quests, random interactions with NPC’s and more. Overall the depth is there and the game I find excels in its team based gameplay.


For the past several days myself and several close friends have aimed to get my character to Level 30 (30 being the maximum level) as the game tends to open up further once you’ve reached the highest level. We have done all the primary missions on HARD whilst I tag along for the experience. As my character progresses my self interaction with the game progresses and the combat intensifies. Strategy becomes a key importance in this game. The A.I is fairly decent and enemy’s will attempt to flank you from either side and if you’re not watching then you’ll hit the ground waiting to be revived. Outside of the missions exists a Dead Zone and this is where other players can become friendly or rogue. Cross paths with the wrong player and they’ll certainly open fire leaving you wishing you hadn’t spent your last dollar over at

You can take several roles within the game, you can focus on healing, being somewhat of a tank or a man who enjoys gadgets and lays down a turret to suppress enemy fire. There are many options to be had and I find myself favouring the healer. Team work is the ultimate factor and you cannot go alone on hard missions. Over our headsets myself and friends lay out a plan that is certainly going to guarantee victory after-all I am now level 24 and am invincible, right? Wrong… My partners are all Level 30, this intensifies the action and enemy levels further leaving me once again feel like a noob. I’ve yet to truly experience the game as a solo player but who cares? The game automates finding friends for you, just sit back play and have a good time. So, is it any good? Oh it sure is!