The Rise of Retro Gaming: The Old Has Become The New

We live in a particularly unique time. Nostalgia is something that grabs each and every one of us at some point. Perhaps we live in a society that’s so gloomy, depressing and lacking in hope or optimism at the moment that most of us would rather lose ourselves in nostalgic memories to take us back to a better time. Old school clothing, movie reboots and sequels and certain TV shows from years ago are all making a comeback in some form or another and even retro gaming has been increasing once more in popularity.


It’s strange to think that at a time when developers and manufacturers are creating more and more lifelike gaming environments and creating innovative new ways in which we can immerse ourselves even further into the virtual gaming world that many of us are just as easily satisfied loading up our 8-bit classics. Retro gamers are busy playing various SNES and Sega games online thanks to apps and other emulation-based software and are digging out and dusting off their old consoles to enjoy some truly nostalgic titles.


Retro gaming fairs have been born from this rising popularity and even other industries are taking inspiration from this with Nintendo and other gaming giants looking to convert their back catalogue and offering it to the ever-growing mobile gaming market. Traditional games like poker, roulette and real money online slots available at Royal Vegas Canada are also increasing in popularity with players seeking out quick and convenient gaming solutions.

So whilst hardcore gamers look to build their collection of classics and gamers head out on a quest to sniff out forgotten gaming titles from yesteryear we knew it wouldn’t be long before the publishers got wind of this increasing interest. Even developers are taking this classic approach when piecing together their newest game creations such as the recent “Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage” game which is an 8-bit effort released just before the Oscars. The game sees Leonardo DiCaprio sprinting down the red carpet fending off obstacles and other pixelated nominees in order to grab that elusive award.

Many games now being released are dipping into the realm of reminiscence and you just have to see how incredibly successful and impactful last December’s release of the latest ‘Star Wars’ movie was in terms of nostalgia to see how much it means to fans and audiences out there, and the gaming community is no different.