Razor Edge Games has announced a new RPG which is ‘Epocylipse the Afterfall’. The game is considered a non-linear, open world, procedural generated game that challenges the typical RPG stereotype of “kill everything you see”. Epocylipse features 100+ hours of game play, a customizable rule set, character aging and much more.

Play Style is a non-linear open world RPG with heavy emphasize on character development, using a skill based system. The game features dozens of optional rules that allow players to up the intensity and make the game more realistic and dangerous. Play is turn based, on can be played solo or with numerous people in the same campaign.

Gameplay consists of a mixture of strategy, wit, common sense and a willingness to push your character into the unknown. There are no perfect character builds or ways to play. Play however you want: questing, adventuring, building reputation, exploring, influencing the faction wars…The different play styles and ways to build your character are too numerous to count.

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