Why arn’t there any good 2.5D MMORPG games anymore?

I must be going crazy but is there a severe lack of quality 2.5D MMORPG games on the market? I grew up playing Legend of Mir and even though the game wasn’t visually impressive the gameplay was highly addictive. Fast Forward 15 years later I’m yet to find an MMO that actually offers real gameplay based on 2.5D. Sure, there are some up and coming games that you may think fit this criteria but are secret sandbox games. MMORPG gamers don’t like sandbox, we like quests , grinding and PVP and NO! We don’t want to build a castle.

The same publishers behind Legend of Mir also gave us another semi decent MMORPG called Myth of Soma. Whilst Soma wasn’t as action packed and thrilling as Mir it did offer a different landscape, play style and the community was oddly familiar since most players interchanged between games. You know what came next? Another 2.5D title called Droiyan Online and this was a fun one. A totally unfamiliar game to me but the gameplay was addicting despite it being a very futuristic eastern themed game. I have a bit of a confession to make… whilst my gaming addictions can be somewhat troublesome for me I also try to find bugs, exploits and anything during this time that could yield me an advantage. One of these advantages was in the form of being able to get access to anyones account by simply memory editing the client and changing the character values to whatever I so desired granting me access to any account. I cheated on Droiyan, Myth of Soma and Legend of Mir to the point nobody knew.

Droiyan was a new title but didn’t last long. With a failing community, publisher and myself finding issues other games provided by Game-Network they soon to cease to exist. I suppose it didn’t help that whilst they were struggling to gain ground with past customers we came along providing new and fresh content. We free alternative servers and we also had the server files. Essentially these sequences of scenarios led to the creation of RaGEZONE but that’s another story for another day, maybe I should write a book about it, who knows? But the Book of Ra will entertain you until then.

So I cheated and yet I was satisfied. As I got older I stopped using bugs and other exploits to gain an advantage. I guess this is a part of the problem. Back when 2.5 MMO games saturated the market people such as myself jumped between titles. Eventually your game is going to get a bad reputation and one thing leads to another you have an entire community of botters, hackers and other scum that really don’t deserve to play. I was scum, at least I was a child. Being 15 years old you tend not to develop maturity and you always play up to the person or character that you are. Myself? I was an asshole, maybe I still am… oh well. Could it be a combination of us growing older as to why these games don’t exist no more? Is it because assholes such as myself would try to influence the game and bend the rules to their advantage? One thing is for sure… I miss the old days.