Is Halo 5: Guardians the best Halo Multiplayer yet?

I would like to consider myself a rather big Halo fan, not huge but enough that I bought every single game from the Halo team but enough to think of myself within the top 10% of the world. In terms of online fun most would unanimously agree that Halo 3 to be the pinnacle of the game but Halo 5: Guardians takes the game to a whole new level of awesomeness. Gone is the old silly and absurd jetpacks, armors shields and welcoming the more balanced Ground Slam, Smart Scope and Infinite Sprint.

Warzone is the newest and BEST (in my opinion) multiplayer feature to-date from 343 Industries. Offering two modes of the game, the first pits players vs players vs AI opponents for a much engaging user experience whilst having to decide between capturing enemy bases or killing AIs to get your team to victory. The other mode offers players the same gameplay minus the AI monsters engaging in more person vs person combat without the distraction of elites and other crazy creatures from the game. If you don’t have an Xbox One then don’t worry , you can play Planetside 2 which has similar gameplay to Halo.

Another addition to the Halo series is the REQ (Requisitions) system. This allows players to earn as they play giving you a sense of achievement and creating an addiction to ‘catch them all’ as is rather notable with MMO players. Requisitions allow players to spawn weapons, armour upgrades and vehicles during gameplay (limited to Warzone only) as they progress during that game. This is my personal favourite addition to the Xbox console classic and a much enjoyed method of improvement that will keep players engaged in combat months to come.

One of the downsides to the game is what players are calling ‘microtransactions’. Players are able to earn points within the game to unlock upgrades but these can be unlocked quicker if you pay. The packs include;

  • Bronze
    – 1250 RP points
  • Silver
    – 5000 RP points
    – $2 real life currency.
  • Gold
    – 10000 RP points
    – $3 real life currency.

Halo offers a Warzone REQ bundle (which is included in the limited edition and collector’s edition of the game for free) or can be purchased for $25. This gives you 2 premium packs every week for seven weeks. Having already have made £200 free I know what I’ll be buying, the Warzone REQ bundle because I have that obsessive need to be the first to obtain something and make me feel that slightly bit special.  Don’t worry, Halo is not limited to just the Warzone. Classics such as Team Slayer, Slayer and more are still featured within the game with updated maps, imagery and more visually stimulating gameplay that you can feel satisfied in knowing you just bought this game.

Spartan, are you ready to join the battle? See you ingame.