Are gamers secret gambling addicts?

If you take into consideration your life as a whole then it’s probably safe to assume we have played more than our fair share of games. Whether it’s space invaders to Grand Theft Auto or even websites like I would bet my house that every single person reading this article has spent more than 100 hours of their life playing video games. Everyone has a phone these days and they are all bloated with games. Remember Farmville? I couldn’t even log into facebook without being greeted by 1000 invites from that stupid game.


Your commute to work , is it via car , bus or train? Are you driving because if  you ain’t I’m fairly certain that you have your phone in your hand scrolling through Twitter faster than Usain Bolt training for the olympics. Let’s not forget that you have already seen this status update from your buddy over in the IT department, or that guy who keeps inviting you out for drinks. You got bored, you have no signal so what do you do next? You play a game. Does this sound familiar? If I’m bored I’ll play Piramind Welt casino.

So how are gamers secret gambling addicts? Simple, every day a game will influence you in a subconscious level. The entire purpose of a game is to entertain the end user and the user is a product and that product needs to be feel engaged and this is where the secret addiction comes in. Soldier scoops mega jackpot is a perfect example. Do you think he started his day expecting to become a millionaire or was he continuing on on his rat race until he gets his final gratification (Whatever that may be)?.

Every time during my teenage years I spent playing a game I was gambling, literally. Having played thousands of hours of MMORPG games, any time I was given an option to flip the coin to gain better loot I would do it. School, I gambled there. We would throw 20p coins to a wall and the closest to the wall would win the money that is on the floor and the sad truth is I lost more than I won. Deep down games have an influence on it whether we choose to accept it or not. There is nothing more engaging than playing a game and portraying that character’s emotional attributes into yourself. You’re wanting to create an emotional investment within that game and when you gamble you’re doing the same.

Games and gambling create adrenaline, both share a lot of traits and both should be used with caution.