How technological innovations have revitalized industries

Even in the 21st century many of us are still hesitant or slow to adopt technological changes and modern innovations that seek to improve our personal and working lives. Perhaps it’s mostly owing to the fear of change, or even more cynically more of us are worried that we could lose our jobs to a machine. However, such resistance cannot last forever, particularly if a struggling market or industry needs to transform to become competitive again. Here we look at some of the industries that tech innovations are helping to revitalize.


The music industry has always endured rapid changes. When the digital age truly began to proliferate at the turn of the century the industry became barely recognisable to its previous incarnation. The rise of new devices provided a more convenient way in which to download, own and listen to music but this change didn’t come without its issues, particularly involving licensing and online piracy. But could the rise in streaming services help turn things around?

Services such as Spotify, Amazon Prime and now Apple Music are proving popular for both music fans and artists alike who finally appear to be getting a slightly better deal regarding royalties and a bigger slice of the pie. Thankfully this new technology-based development also helps to eliminate piracy and illegal downloads thanks to its monthly subscription basis allowing users to listen to a full catalogue of songs whenever you wish.


Online streaming services have also provided many new ways for TV outlets to share their creative outputs with audiences on a 24 hour basis. Services can now offer huge back catalogues of new and old shows both online and through the use of apps found on streaming devices like Apple TV or Sky’s NowTV box.


You can now watch live TV through the use of your mobile-based device such as your smartphone or tablet and it’s this convenience and flexibility that has helped focus the minds of broadcasts who are now investing me time and resources in producing great programmes.

Binging on box sets is a popular pastime for people who have so much to do in their waking lives’ they often simply do not have the time to sit down and watch pre-schedule television, aso it’s these services and innovative offerings that cater for their demand.


As we’ve already touch on, technological advancements can have both negative and positive effects on an industry. Whilst the music industry may have initially suffered because of the digital revolution it looks like technology could now be its saviour. Bingo is another industry that technology has helped breathe new life into. Once an ailing hobby associated with the old, the rise of online and mobile-based bingo apps like the ones on offer at popular operators like have bought the game into the new century; catering for a wider range of potential players and reigniting a nation’s love affair with the game.