Apple TV Set for UK Introduction

Over the last decade, we have witnessed a number of changes in how television is captured and streamed to paying viewers. More specifically, there has been a move away from fixed television channels and scheduling, with on-demand streaming services such as Netflix delivering a more flexible option to customers.

This evolution is set to gather further momentum this week, with the new Apple TV set to go on sale in the UK. A fourth generation streaming box to rival Google’s Android-based Chromecast, it will offer viewers access to a huge library of on-demand programs and revolutionise the future of television.


In dispatches, Apple boss Tim Cook recently confirmed that the new Apple TV would be released by the end of October. True to his word, the brand began taking orders on 26th October, with many of these due to ship out by the end of this week. The release date for this highly anticipated piece of technology was announced at the popular WSJD Live Conference, while Cook was also happy to reveal some of the products most telling and influential features.

So what exactly should we expect from this new device? Avid Apple fans will be pleased to know that the device comes with full Siri support, enabling seamless voice use and activation. There is also deep search functionality, which is more than adequately supported by a dedicated app store that provides users with access to a huge library of software, free casino games and films for streaming. In effect, it is a comprehensive streaming device that combines the type of service available through Chromecast with advanced free view boxes such as YouView.


From a hardware perspective, the device is also equipped with a powerful A8 chipset, which guarantees a consistent and high-quality performance. The set-top box also features a reworked and intuitive remote control, which works alongside a touchpad and the most advanced motion sensor imaginable.

Not only does this unique and revolutionary piece of technology take television streaming to an entirely new level, but it is also available for a relatively completive price. With a retail price point of just £96 for a 32GB model and £129 of for a 64GB version, its offers excellent value and an incredible user experience.