More Frames Please!

I use Steam and I’m sure a lot of you do too. Today I figured I would give myself a lovely surprise and test the latest game by Sergey Titov (famed for Warz/Infestation) called Romero’s Aftermath. My initial plan was to do a thorough detailed video of the gameplay, mechanics and other ghostly apparitions that are entering the world of zombies (yes… Ghosts are not a part of the world but let me use big words!) and other bits of useful information for our Youtube Channel.

Where do I begin? Why are Steam letting developers put games in clear non working order on their platform? The game had a loading time of several minutes and I could hardly muster up more than 10 frames on my GTX 970! Don’t believe me? Check out failed attempt at a video below;

WarZ/Infestation are both notoriously bad hence why private servers of Infestation are rampant but you would figure another failed attempt at a genre in desperate need of TLC should be screened first before appearing on Steam. OK.. OK.. OK… They are not charging you money for the game (yet) but in due time the game will offer 100 different ways of pay-to-win leaving us real gamers done and dusted in terms of what’s fair. Surgey is obviously incompetent to run a game, check out this full timeline on some earlier drama of his titles.

Video gaming should be fun. Paying customers should not be subject to the nonsense of paid testing. The online gaming market is so over saturated with poor quality zombie games that new users of the genre will simply ignore or count out any future potential games that could actually save it. Games such as WarZ , Infestation, Romero’s Aftermath and War Inc should be abolished from the cesspool of which it came and let the franchise of zombie games live to see better days.

I’m still waiting for a good zombie MMO, are you?