When is early access too early?

If it sucks then it’s just alpha but if it’s final then it’s another bad game. I know.. what do you expect from an early access game? Well shiver my timbers and call me matey but some early access games are quite impressive and show a lot of potential. This evening I sat down and played Wild Terra , an upcoming MMO life simulator and by that I mean it’s an open world MMO where you are responsible for your survival , even if you are slightly impaired.

Does the alpha suck? No , is it great? Hardly. It’s in between that fine line of good or bad and I’m undecided. Let’s work out the pros and cons;


  1. You run around as a semi naked female (because females always get more loot in online games).
  2. You build things (yay!).
  3. You can destroy other people’s things they built (double yay!).


  1. Getting started can be confusing (how do I build a house?!)
  2. The directional system is temperamental, especially when attempting to slaughter an innocent rabbit (soup anyone?).
  3. It lacks content (but its alpha).

Pros and cons aside, the game has potential. If you have never heard of it then you should keep an eye on our MMO news as Wild Terra had a free to play weekend recently and thus you could have came along and destroyed one of my non impressive builds (they actually don’t exist). Even if you are left waiting then why not play some Foxy Casino until the next batch of open weekends? Let me finish by saying this… never in my life have I felt more alone than in Wild Terra. I saw nobody, not a single person. Judge for yourself, here is gameplay we recorded from earlier.

That being said, decide for yourself.