Are games better to get on Steam? Nope.

Steam seems to be the best platform to find thousands of games but are they any good? A little while ago I decided to buy Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 since I wanted to feel the nostalgic so here is the story, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

libraryOne of my friends bought the game in a retail store for about 15 euros but I didn’t wanted to pay that much for that game since I knew I could get it cheaper. So I tried to convince him that he should buy it on the Internet. Convincing him didn’t help and I failed horribly because he prefered to have a physical copy of the game. I decided to give up on that but I didn’t wanted to pay the same amount as he did for the game because I don’t care about the box of a game. I opened my phone app of the store where I usually buy my games because they are a lot cheaper there than on Steam.

My games always come from this site unless they are cheaper to buy them on Steam. It has it’s risks such as the key might be already in us or invalid but I think it’s worth it to save a couple of euros since I can invest them in more games! When I got home I added the game to the shopping cart, after clicking on the check-out button a pop-up popped open with a a ‘special offer’ for some random steam keys for a couple of euros. Such offer always makes me wonder which games they could contain so I decided to do this once in my life. I added it to my cart. I just made sure that he keys wouldn’t be that bad, I check them and all of them were games with at least a value that is more than the double of the money that I put in.

After the payment I got the keys and Call of duty game but when I tried these random games I kinda felt disappointed, they were totally boring and almost all of the were worth around 10 euros (what a rip-off). I was asking myself who would buy these boring games for their original price on Steam? Well I assume the hardcore fans, people who want a higher Steam profile level or people who just want have more games in their library.

ixel Puzzles: Japan (one of the games I got from the raffle)

Pixel Puzzles: Japan (one of the games I got from the raffle)

So tried these games out and they didn’t really interested me. Most of these games were made for people who like to play games casually so it’s worth picking up those packs if you want to play cheaps casual games for a couple of euros. But for me it’s a no no because I will probably never play those games again except Call of duty because of the nostalgy. But I’ll still buy my games on the third-party website because Steam is most of the time to expensive for me.