Make the most out of your smartphone with these legendary video games

If you’re a fan of Gods, myths and legends then your appetite will certainly be enhanced by this selection of legendary video games. The mobile gaming market continues to grow and evolve with and more and more titles being made available for smartphone, tablet and other mobile-based devices every day. So, if you’re looking for an easy way to pass the time on your evenings and weekends then make sure you check out the following games.


Instead of trying to appease the Lords, this superb offering from Chillingo lets players take on the role of a vengeful Greek god. You can pick from a trio of Greek mythology legends including Zeus, Hades and Poseidon as you attempt to smite all those around you. Each main character must embark on their own unique journey, utilising their godly powers to bring unmatchable fury down on mere mortals.


YesGnome’s simulation building game Immortal City gives players the opportunity to build a huge mythical city and all that stands in your way is your powers of imagination. Quests are issued to players by Gods and heroes and each adventure you complete will earn XP that can be exchanged to buy and build materials for developing your new realm. Each quest revolves around various legends, battles and other historical events.



If combat and strategy games aren’t your favourite pastime, but you’d still like to indulge the mystical realm then The Legend of Olympus slot may be right up your alley. Assist legendary Gods such as Poseidon, Aphrodite and Ares to help banish Hades with each spin. The 5 reel, 20 line slot game includes a number of special bonus features including the almighty “Zeus versus Hades” showdown with free spins. The game also comes complete with an additional bonus feature.


Develop your metropolis on a Greek island in this epic game, developed to test your powers of strategy and development. Learn as much as you can from various deities and Gods to eventually become one yourself. As you embark on the Divine Academy journey you can take various exams and receive licenses that will enable you to cast special miracles. Explore, build, battle and defend your way through this rewarding and extremely fun mobile game.


Wield the power of gods and legends as you witness and participate in huge wars between Gods and Titans in this hugely popular game available on iOS and Android. You can master different techniques as you become a bigger and better warrior and you can even compete with other heroes around the world.