Regiments are back

This is a major update, because after some technical testing, Call of Combat are enabling Regiment competitions for good. You can start applying to your former Regiment, or endorse a candidate Regiment. CO’s and XO’s can now accept or reject applicants. If you are a born leader you can start your own Regiment and bring it to glory. You will find more details here.

And there is a new map

In this update you will also find a new map, which you will undoubtedly recognize from its massive building and endless corridors. They have named this new iteration “Art Gallery”.

These are the first stones in bringing the competition back for good. The game still requires many improvements, extra features and game play tweaks, but remember: every one is invited to play and send feedback on your experience. The road ahead is still long and challenging. Take heart, soldiers. The journey will be tough, but our cause is just.

Download and play from the official Call of Combat website.