Konami’s Greatest Games

Japanese video game developer and publisher Konami are a talented bunch when it comes to providing gamers with truly unique experiences. Founded in 1969 by Kagemasa Kōzuki the company has gone from strength to strength throughout the decades, bringing us some of the best video games that have ever been made. As the organisation approaches its 50th year, we’ve been inspired to look back at 5 of the best Konami titles of all time.


Konami’s successful vampire adventure game Castlevania really made a name for itself when it was released across Europe and North America back in late 80’s onto the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the beginning of a franchise that would continue to this day, spanning various platforms with some offerings bringing more success than others. However, it was the 1997 release of Symphony of the Night, which followed Castlevania: Rondo of Blood that stood out as a classic- boasting critical acclaim as well as becoming a fan favourite.


This influential stealth action game was a huge hit for the company, selling more than six million copies around the world. Met with critical praise and providing ground-breaking gameplay, Metal Gear Solid was notable for its intelligent and detailed storyline, something that was rarely seen in gaming of this genre at the time.

SILENT HILL 2, PlayStation 2

As far as the world of spooky horror game offerings go there’s none better than Konami’s uber-creepy follow up to their hit horror video game ‘Silent Hill’. This disturbing survival sequel brings us a new lead character who heads to Silent Hill in a visit that throws the player into a chilling and atmospheric adventure through the twisted town accompanied by terrifying inhabitants.



In 1993 the age of the side-scrolling platform game was at its peak. Konami felt the pressure of having to compete with the likes of Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog as well as Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros series. In spite of not ever reaching the heights of rival titles, the Konami creation ‘Rocket Knight Adventures’ is still a fine example of what the genre could offer players. Rocket Knight boasted varied levels of difficulty and was particularly fast-paced and addictive which made it one of the unsung heroes from that generation of gaming.


One of the most notable yet simplest offerings in Konami’s back catalogue of gaming is of course their 1981 arcade game Frogger. Guide the frog across the busy street without getting squashed to claim your victory. And now here we are decades later and Frogger is still proving to be as popular as ever with Konami now looking to introduce a special Frogger-themed casino game that will be made available on the best slot sites around. It seems gamers will never get bored of amphibians jumping on logs and turtles, great entertainment for all the family.