Gaming and Gambling at the same time

The world of gaming is undoubtedly one of the most well developed and well franchised enterprise that interest a large amount of people. In my opinion every 30-year-old person has filled his time by playing an awesome game just for the experience or for fun. Due to a number of reasons this world is mostly advertised only by the internet and not by the Media, but I think this is completely unreasonable. Who wouldn’t want to know the developing minds behind such amazing gaming experiences with agonizing storylines like The Last Of Us, Ori and The Blind Forest, the entire Final Fantasy franchise throughout all the years, Crysis, Halo, Call Of Duty to experience the wars that happened from a closer eye and some fictional ones regarding to the new Modern Warfare game, Warcraft, Starcraft, and many many more games that are worth mentioned here. All these games were made by a small number of people that came together to create something interesting and worth playing despite the age the beliefs or I don’t know what else any person could carry. This small number of people are none other than the developers of the games. Those kind of developers can move at the edge of video, graphics, and computer programming technology which helps to develop the current technology even further. Now this is a worth noticing point for everyone out there, and the persons that write the scripts too, because sometimes in some world wide long anticipated games the scripts are more meaningful than some known movies for example.

Despite those games that the player mostly plays them to enjoy the experience of the storyline and to improve his skills there are also the competitive games that you play for your team to win, Call Of Duty is one of them. The most known multiplayer competitive games are Counter Strike, League Of Legends, and Dota 2. There are huge tournaments all around the year going on for these games. The most known of them are the League Of Legends and Dota 2 international championships. The winning team of those championships earn money prizes up to 10 million dollars, maybe even more. The prize money always raises every year. Keep in mind that there are 5 people teams competing so a single team player of that can earn up to 2.5 million dollars. Not bad, right? Not bad at all. Of course the skill of those teams is on a different scale, so not everyone can compete on those tournaments. It is definitely not easy money to make. The truth about those tournaments is that they truly have a huge audience every time the event takes place, and an even bigger advertising progress. The winning teams are mostly consisted by 20-year-olds who have become really amazing players at that specific game which requires fast reactions, deep knowledge on the game, and perfect coordination between the 5 players. It is actually like a big sports event that happens once a year. The difference is that you only use your mind to win and not your body so your physical state is irrelevant to winning or losing. That fact though doesn’t exclude those tournaments from being a sports like events. Lots of sports require only your mind and skills on the game like snooker for example.

As those events take place the funs gather to all the big games watch live and experience their favourite game, root for their favourite team and many other things. Keep in mind that as the event goes on you can place your bets on the winning team on how many kills one team gets and many others, so you can enjoy and earn some money too if you are lucky. If you are a gaming fun and you like gambling as well, we advise you to visit On this site you will find your favourite online casinos, some tips on how to play online, some interesting stories about the progress of the online casino world and not only. Through this online casino world you can place any bet you like in whichever online casino you prefer while you play your favourite game just with a few clicks of your mouse.