The Ultimate in Gaming Laptops: Five of the best from 2015

The Ultimate in Gaming Laptops: Five of the best from 2015

While mobile gaming may be all the rage in the UK, many still prefer the laptop as their weapon of choice in this market. This is especially in the wake of a resurgent desktop market, as the combined power and portability of modern laptops (not to mention the rise of devices that are dedicated to gaming) offers a convenient and purposeful solution to players.

While this may be the case, however, what are the five best products on the market?

The Origin EON15-X


Let’s start at the very top, with the quintessential desktop-grade laptop that is unbeatable in the world of portable gaming. With an incredibly powerful CPU that can process everything from high-end animation for fans of adventure gaming to authentic casino backdrops for those who like to play on a real money casino, it is a dedicated device that delivers an immense performance. Supported by a crisp, high definition 15.6 inch display, this is the ultimate laptop for committed and prolific gamers.

The Gigabyte P35W v2


Now starts the real fun, as the Gigabyte P35W v2 operates at the higher end of the market’s remnants. It is considerably more affordable at just £1399, however, and impressively designed with a slim and lightweight frame. Despite being less impressive than the Origin EON15-X, however, it still packs considerable power and offers genuinely immersive graphics across multiple games.

The Alienware 13 Laptop


Following closely behind is the equally compact and slightly less powerful Alienware 13 Laptop, which a particular favourite among Windows gamers. Deceptively robust and easy to manoeuvre, it is exceptionally lightweight and offers a premium-level performance to gamers. Priced at just £1100, it also offers genuine value for your hard-earned money.

The MSI GT80 Titan


If you are a fan of outright power and strength, the MSI GT80 Titan is ideal for you. An incredibly powerful and robust gaming laptop, this device breaks new ground in the market and goes above and beyond in the quest to replicate a desktop experience on a Notebook format. There is a compromise required here, however, as it measures nearly 10 pounds in weight and is more than two inches in thickness. It may also strain your wallet too, especially at a price of nearly £3000, and it should only be considered as a purchase option by avid and dedicated gamers.

The Aorus X3 Plus


Last but not least is the Aorus X3 Plus, which features pin-sharp imagery and high quality processing as its primary selling points. Distinguished by rapid frame rates and a high resolution screen, it delivers outstanding graphics that more than justify the £1550 price tag. Another device that is popular among Windows gamers, it is perhaps a few aesthetically pleasing design features short of dominating the market.