Is the world ready for a ‘REAL’ Superhero MMORPG?

I know what you’re thinking, there are already Superhero MMO’s on the market, but are they REAL?  Let me explain, Marvel Heroes may exist and also includes multiplayer support, but it lacks the real definition of an MMO. Taking influence from Diablo, Marvel Heroes is too lacklustre to have any real impact on the market and doesn’t cater to the RPG fanatics that want real hero action, oh and did we mention the pay to unlock characters thing is just not something we support nor do we want to encourage.

A real Superhero MMORPG should take influence from World of Warcraft, Guild Wars or even Aion. These games engage user activity and captivate its audience much like a drug. As I mentioned marvel heroes is a game aimed for pure profit like all the industry that revolves around marvel heroes “super brand” you have a world of online video slots under this section like “The Incredible hulk” movie based slot game as you can see on the game special features.

If I was in charge of development my first goal would be to figure out a working faction system (similar to guilds) but should also have a fair number of special. What if you could side with Doctor Doom or take vengeance with Darth Vader. Much like this full movie review of again “The Incredible hulk”, game would instantaneously draw attention.

What should the ultimate Superhero game include? I’ve made a check list of some important factors ;

  • Player interaction
  • End game content
  • Advanced and nonlinear gameplay
  • Destructive boss battles

With these points intact much like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars, you can clearly establish yourself a stronghold on the market and end 2015 with a strong profit margin.