E3 – so much excitement!

E3 is here and my excitement for all the times is unparalleled. Sony has just announced a Final Fantasy 7 remake , Microsoft demonstrated their new HoloLense (similar to Steam Machines) with Minecraft and Halo 5 appears to be just around the corner! I myself have never been fortunate enough to attend an E3 but it will sure be on my bucket list for the future. One of the most engaging things about the whole event is the spectacle and drama.

Shenmue 3 has also been announced via Kickstarter and only requires a modest 2 million dollars and Uncharted 4 looks to set another breath taking user experience with its visuals, story and overall fun dynamics. You can get the latest up to date news on E3 by searching your favourite news websites , similar to online casino websites and more.

Fallout 4, have you seen it? You should! For those unfamiliar Fallout 3 is a cult classic and number 4 expands greatly on the backbone of the game. Offering users the ability to create environments, customize weapons and even a little dog to help assist you in your adventures Fallout 4 is due to be released at the end of 2015 and users can only speculate to its longevity. When all is said and done, i’ll be playing sky-bingo during all these E3 conferences and hoping for a new MMORPG on the XBOX one.