Due to the ever growing number of new players coming into TERA via Steam, they have decided to release inactive character names, making them available to new characters. This is always a popular move when many names can be taken up by inactive accounts in long standing games.

Any characters that have not logged into the game since June 25, 2014 will have their names changed to ”placeholder” names, freeing up their old names to anyone creating a new character or using the paid Character Name Change service. So it seems if you have an inactive account, yu will not lose your name right away, but it will be available if someone tries to take it in the future.

Players are being advised that;

If you have characters whose names you want to keep, but you haven’t logged into TERA with those characters since June 25 of last year, you should log in to TERA and enter the game with each of those characters before Thursday, June 25, 2015. For more details, see our Name Release FAQ.