Dream of Mirror Online Closed Beta Key Give-away!

Dream of Mirror Online is a beautiful anime themed social MMORPG based off of Chinese mythology! Come home to a world like no other as players have hundreds of things to do in-game! DOMO has plenty of features that created a dedicated fan base and made it one of the most memorable MMORPG experiences ever!

  • Pick between 4 different races (Human, Shura, Sylph and Sprite) and grow from being a simply commoner to mastering several different job classes! You can also quickly change jobs as you please.
  • Take to the skies as you fly over the expansive landscape of DOMO and participate in races in the air!
  • DoMO encourages teamwork, social bonding and even finding love as players can have the wedding of their dreams!
  • Master your craft as you develop differing foraging skills such as mining, fishing, foresting, etc.
  • Raise pets of various elements and watch them grow into fierce battle companions!
  • Customize and enchant your equipment with dozens of crafting options at your disposal!
  • Choose between several costumes, hairstyles and many other options to create your own unique identity!

Thousands of fans have clamored for the rightful return of the game and our unique kickstarter campaign hit our goal within 24 hours! Come home to the journey of a lifetime as DOMO makes its epic rightful return to the hearts of its fans.

To claim your key enter your email in the form below!

Redemption Instructions:

Step 1

Obtain a BETA KEY.

Step 2

Visit:  https://subagames.com/distribute.aspx?webid=216104 and submit your BETA KEY in Step 2.

Please note that you must be logged into your Suba Games account to proceed.  If you do not have an account, you can sign up for an account at: https://subagames.com.

Step 3

Download and install the game client. CB starts on February 13th, 2015 (5pm EDT)