Siegelord Launches Tomorrow Persistent World Browser Strategy Game

37Games’ first real-time empire building game Siegelord will be available tomorrow on December 16th. Immerse yourself into a world of cunning Generals, glorious Battles, and an Empire on the verge of collapse. With three rival Factions vying for control of the continent. Engage in real-time warfare on a persistent, live multiplayer world map. Forge alliances with other generals, research new technologies, and unite the realm under your banner!

Siegelord is attempting a breakthrough in the traditional browser strategy combat, by launching a new “progress combat system”. Real-time tactical combat is used for the battle system, so you will need to command your army according to the actual situation on the battlefield. Choosing the right tactics will greatly affect the outcome of the battle.

The powers of Gorn, Nords, and Albion split the world into three. You will have to choose which one of these leaders to fight for and conquer the world with.
– Defeat rivals generals and then recruit them to join your cause.
– Battle alongside friends from your faction to seize control of the continent.
– Expand your empire in the persistent world map by besieging other players castles.
– Win all the PVP battles and become the King of your Faction.

Official Site.