Technology Trends in 2014: The Latest Desktop Gadgets for the Consumer Market

While Channel Five’s Gadget Show confidently predicted the decline of the desktop computer in February this year, this assertion does not correlate with the amount invested into developing PC’s and their army of accompanying gadgets. In fact, the typical desktop computer remains highly sought after in the professional workplace, while the innovation of wireless technology such as the new Oculus VR has also helped to make these devices more accessible to users. So far from being moribund, it appears as though the desktop PC is actually thriving as a result of contemporary technological advancements.

New Desktop Gadgets for the 2014 Market

With this in mind, it is worth appraising the current market and identifying which desktop gadgets are most likely to make their mark on consumers in the year ahead. For example: –

  • The Rapoo 8900P Wireless Mouse and Keyboard Set

This advanced wireless mouse and keyboard set is due to take the gadget market by storm during the summer, as it provides a comprehensive desktop suite for all professional users. It boasts a unique fusion of both style and performance, with a slim line and responsive keyboard included alongside a sleek mouse that is equipped with a high definition laser. The package does not disappoint in terms of functionality either, as they keyboards scissor key structure and floating sensors enable users to type comfortably and accurately for as long as they need. Whether you are tied to the office or work from a home, this is a product that can boost productivity while also creating a stylish addition to your desk.

  •  The All-in-One Media Keyboard from Microsoft

While we may have touched on the professional market, desktops also remain popular among online gamers and casino enthusiasts. This is because the size of a typical PC enables gamers to view an uncluttered and high resolution screen, which in turn enables them to execute better decisions while in-play. The new All-in-One media keyboard from Microsoft will also aid the experience of online gaming, as it is completely wireless and suitable for use from anywhere in or outside of the home. With a built-in mouse, integrated track pad and multi-touch gesture support technology, this product lets gamers enhance their experience and connect to a host of alternative media devices.

  • Chromecast by Google

Just when you thought that Google’s dominance could not grow any further, they make a bold and innovative attempt to conquer the world of television. This is thanks to the recently released Chromecast, which is a desktop gadget like no other which essentially serves as a compact dongle that can connect to a television through an HDMI input.

It can also be synced to your Android smartphone, tablet or iPhone, and afford you real-time access to multiple Internet services on the big screen. It’s not just Google following this trend, service providers such as Paddy Power also plan to explore different platforms.

In a Question and Answer session with, Paddy Powers’ Sportsbook Product Manager Eoin George stated “smart watches are very much on the way and we want to be at the forefront of not just what happens there but with other emerging areas”.

Google hopes to recreate the initial success of the Nintendo Wii by placing gaming at the heart of the living room environment. The company hopes that users will take up the opportunity to use Chromecast to stream games-everything from FIFA to Super Mario.

Google also hopes that users will take advantage of the opportunity to stream live music and videos, whilst developers work on adding extra layers of functionality to the system.