SOE have been working out ways to support multiple server rule sets. They’ve posted suggestions up on the official H1Z1 reddit:

  • Hardcore rule set. Wipes all ownership and recipes upon death.
  • PvP v. PvE
  • Military Weapons toggle
  • Guns Toggle (melee / bows only server)
  • RP Server (VOIP attracts zombies and other tidbits).
  • World chat v. Area Chat
  • Hardcore ruleset 2. Starvation! (Food / Water consumption much higher).
  • Hardcore ruleset 3. Zombies / wolves deadlier / faster / hardier.
  • Base destructibility (easy, hard, not at all)

We’d then be able to support server sets such as:

Oblivion [RP][No MilitaryWeapons][Starvation] Goodliving [PvE][No Guns][Hardcore Death]

One thing that’s missing from the list and currently the most popular reddit comment is the option to turn 3rd person on and off. I think this is pretty important too because it will greatly change the feel of the game and how you must play.

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