The lonely MMO ranger

MMORPG – what does it mean? Apparently it stands for ‘Massively multiplayer online role-playing game’ but if you are like me then maybe you are one of the select few who goes it alone in the world of MMO. Let me explain… the entire concept of this genre is to interact , co-exist and to wage war on rival guilds, teams and any folk that gets in your way, quite the opposite of my game-play style. I’ll be the first to admit that I am missing what is great about guild interaction , PVP and so forth but I find it considerably hard to actually follow the basics of any game, but this is my thought process;

 The John Smith check list of generic raiding, pvp and more…

  • Read the guild message board.
  • Attempt to meet up at 7pm to kill big bad bob the dinosaur.
  • 7pm comes, turn up.. nobody in sight
  • Wait a bit longer, 3 people turn up.
  • Attempt to slay the boss, no joy, keep at it… oh s#£t! it’s 3am…

No thank you!  When I’m playing a game and I see a guild recruiting I just ignore all requests, invites and go it alone. Under what circumstances will this partnership benefit me and not the actual leaders? PVP, same deal… the groups only care about themselves and the moment they switch sides they’ll kill you too! How evil! Where is the friendship? I think that’s what is missing for me, actual beneficial and meaningful guild battles, raiding and more. I’ve played countless titles and the limited few that actually make you want to join require so much effort and dedication that it becomes a full-time job just to raid correctly (World of Warcraft anyone?).

What you will see of my style is simple , I’ll login , check the current quests , hand them in, grind, finish some quests and repeat. I have a  no nonsense approach to gaming.  Oh, and those people who try to whisper me and ask me questions? What of them?  I go about my adventures like the most lonely man in the world. I don’t need them and they don’t need me. One thing is for sure though, If i am dying… please help 😛